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Not sure if anyone has gotten the Xfinity X1 box upgrade, yet, but although it is still a little buggy, they are now broadcasting in true 1080p60! How awesome is that? If I'm repeating something already known sorry for the redundancy, but I just had to say something about it.

Hockey looks AMAZING! I can imaging what 4K UHD's would look like because I have had computer monitors capable of 2K--if I can remember, please correct me if i'm wrong,

So, yeah, I think this is kinda cool, very Roku like interface with "apps" instead of channels. Finally--oh and get this: When the technician was configuring the box for first time use, he set the resolution at 1080i??!! While he was doing this I noticed that there were two other resolution options that he could've used, so I went into the settings menu. Well there they were: 1080p30 and 1080p60. Not for nothing, but I own a 2013 Panasonic 55" plasma and it practically SCREAMS 1080p. I mean, given the tech of the 21 century here and that a brand new TV like this is sitting in someone's home you'd think that a Cable TV technician would set the resolution correctly; of course that's just my opinion. Also, he could have just asked... Just thought I'd share that sentiment. Anyway, kudos to Xfinity--for now lol

Keep up the "good" work and retrain your techs. smile.gif