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Onkyo TX-SR806 HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!

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I own a Onkyo TX-SR806 and can not get it to play as a 7.1 set-up to save my life. Tried changing all the presets and I understand some formats are 5.1 only, I have checked all speakers and speaker wires. I've read the manual 3 times and I'm at the point of giving up. I run Polk Monitor 70's as my fronts, Polk CSI5 as center, Polk Monitor 40's as my back's and I have a pair Paradign Monitors but can't get them to play but I removed the Polk Monitor 40's and hooked up the Paradign and they worked just fine. Not sure what to do now. HELP ME PLEASE

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Does it work in a 5.1 configuration?

Do you have all 7 speakers connected simultaneously in addition to the subwoofer?
That's necessary. The system won't work properly if only some of them are connected.

Perhaps the quickest thing to do is to reset the receiver (see page 117 of the owner's manual) and start over.

After resetting, start on page 40 of the owner's manual and go through the "first time setup" procedure step-by-step in order, including the "auto setup" which runs Audyssey and detects the speakers. Trying to do things manually or out of order usually is an exercise in futility.

For example, if you started with a 5.1 configuration of front (left and right), center, and side-surround (left and right), you would add surround-back (left and right). If the side-surround speakers (called just "surround" on page 18 of the receiver's owner's manual) aren't connected, the surround-back speakers won't be detected.
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As a troubleshooting technique I'd recommend putting the receiver into all channel stereo and seeing if the all the speakers play.

If the rears still produce no sound then you likely have a wiring issue or there is a problem with the Onkyo's rear channel outputs.

If they do produce sound then I'd try testing it again with a 7.1 Blu-Ray and make sure the receiver is in auto mode.

I hope that helps!
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