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Hi all,

I have a 4-year old Panasonic 720p projector. Two years ago my internet got a bit faster and I started downloading movie files. Now I'm only downloading and using the Asus O'play hdp-r1 and some external hard drives to watch my movies with the Panasonic. (My LG blu-ray has become obsolete...).
Now I want to buy the cheap Benq 3D W1070 projector to watch 1080p movie files with the added advantage of 3D.

Question 1 is: will I be able to watch simple 3D (SBS) downloaded movie files with the Asus O'play or do I need a dedicated 3D Media player to watch the 3D movie files with the Benq?

Question 2: Are the SainSonicĀ® SSZ-200DLB 144Hz 3D IR Active Rechargeable Shutter Glasses the 3D glasses to go for in this configuration?

Question 3: Is the 28AWG HDMI High Speed Certified Male to Male Cable from MonoPrice a good choice?