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Airplay WIFI Outdoor Surround Sound

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I built a 21x9 outdoor screen. It's time to add surround sound.

I purchased an Onkyo AVR to decode the audio. It outputs 7.2 to analog pre-amp outs.

I have powered speakers that can be either wired or Airplay.

Instead of running wires, I would like to transmit the analog channels from my AVR (RCA outs) to my Airplay speakers. Is there something available?
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If you mean you want to use the wired speakers along with 2 AirPlay speakers at the same time, the delay would drive you crazy. Without using a computer or an iphone to AirPlay to your speakers it shouldn't work. The whole point of AirPlay is to stream from your apple device to a receiver, Apple TV, another device... Do a few searches for AirPlay transmitter and you find a lot of Chinese apple knock offs. I have everything apple but I'd still wire it if I were you. Grab some 12v low voltage buriable wire from Home Depot. Grab a flat end shovel and bury it 2" down and call it a day. Just put the shovel down 3", rock it back and forth and shove it in ther. Step on it to close the seam and your done. There's no power it's just speaker wire. It'll take an hour. You could also cover it with mulch or rocks.
The setup looks awesome by the way.
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Maybe I didn't explain the problem fully. There is concrete around the pool. It would be very difficult to bury wire in the concrete. I'm currently running 7 coax cables (because they are shielded). Five of them are 100' long. The other 2 are 50' long.

It's ugly....but sounds fantastic.

My wife doesn't like ugly....

I would like to use wifi to replace 6 of the seven wires. Six of the speakers can be either airplay or wired.

These are the six side speakers I'm using.


This is my sub-woofer


And I have a pair of these for my center channel.

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Geez! OK. I understand a little more now. So the 2 centers are going to be wired no matter what it looks like. So lets also forget about the sub and think about the side speakers. So you have six of those. From a laptop, using itunes (mac or pc), you are able to airplay to multiple receivers/apple tv. Your 6 speakers in this case. All of those "speakers" are 5 speaker, stereo dock units. While you can stream airplay to all of them you'd be streaming the same stereo signal to all of them. Defeats the purpose of the surround entirely. You cant separate the channels and say Airplay, send front left to this one, and right middle to this one.
I don't see how it can work if it isn't wired? Not to mention the speakers themselves have to have power so now you have to plug them into ac and run a speaker wire to them. Maybe they have batteries, I don't know. I think you better check out some of the theater sound forums. I realize it's outside but the principals are the same.

PS - Your wife is going to kill you smile.gif
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