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Denon - No Sound Until 40%

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I'm slowly piecing together a budget sound system. I purchased the Denon AVR-1513 and a pair of Pioneer SP-SF52 floor speakers. The home we purchased has a pair of surround sound speakers in the ceiling. I'll be purchasing a center speaker and I can definitely tell it's needed for more clarity. Something that I've noticed: to hear any sound, the receiver's volume level needs to be at 40%. It sounds loud enough at 60%, but being the newb I am, I want to make sure I haven't set something up improperly.

My receiver is rated at 110w x 5 at 6ohms, which is what the floor speakers are. Not sure if I need to adjust anything in my settings for the 6ohm or not. Not sure which brand the surround speakers are, but I'm assuming they're 8ohms. Speaking of ohms, the pioneer center that matches the floor speakers are 6ohms also; however, it is very bulky. I was looking at a Klipsch C10 center given its much slimmer profile, but it's 8ohm. Will that be an issue?

Question recap:

-Since I the receiver has to be set to 40% power to hear anything, is there additional setup needed or is this normal?

-Can I use a different brand center and ohm compared to floor standing speakers?
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The volume dial indicator is not a percentage and it's not linear, either. It's a dB reading and can usually be set to show in either direction (with either 82 or 0 for reference level, many here use the setup for showing 0 as reference level). Read your manual's section on that, page 14 and 32 and now that I have its either absolute 0-98 or -79.5 to 18 dB).

No problem with the speaker.
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