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Pioneer VSX-823 VS. VSX-8231 What is the difference?

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I wanted to purchase the VSX-823 or as it is sometimes refered to, the VSX-823K. Amazon.com was offering it but they had another model, IDENTICAL in ever way called the Pioneer VSX-823-1 and it was listed NEW (sold direct from Amazon) at way less than the VSX-823. I took a chance and ordered it and I have it sitting in front of me. New Pioneer box, again identical in every single spec, image, etc. as the Pioneer VSX-823 save for the fact it says the model number is "VSX-8231" on the front and back of the unit. The build date is July 2013.

I can't figure this out but it sure seems identical to what Pioneer advertises as the "VSX-823K" and I got it for way less. Any thoughts?
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I am looking to buy this same receiver and this model is almost $150 cheaper than the VSX-823K. Not been able to find out what is different between the two to be so much more cheaper. If you or anybody find out please help me out before I place an order!
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K stands for Kuro, which mean black. The receiver cabinet is black.

No difference in the two receivers. Get whichever one is cheaper.
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I am trying to figure out if the VSX-823 has an A and B speaker zone.

I have a need for a 5.1 system in a media room, that will also play 2.1 music listening as well. Then I also want to switch to speakers B and play music outside on just a 2.0 channel, while leaving the media room silent. I also want the option to play both A and B at the same time.

I did not see the A and B terminals on the rear screenshot of the VSX-823, but the manual does talk about an A and B setting.

Will the VSX-823 do all of what I am asking above?

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Grabbed an 8231 on a lighting deal today. Is it confirmed that it's the same as the 823?
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the difference is not the K, it is the extra "-1" on the model

Amazon has both. vsx-823 for $260 and vsx-823-1 for $250

apparently they are the same... the 823 everyone complains about no 5.1 analog inputs...

my guess is that the -1 is some sort of OEM, or bulky packaging thing only... but really, no idea.
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Just an FYI - this is another lightning deal at Amazon today, starting at 6:50am Pacific time.

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I recently bought the VSX 8231 and had the exact same question. I spoke to their customer service (after a loong wait) and found out that 8231 is a derivative model that's usually sold in a bundle with Bose speakers. As long as you buy it from an authorized dealer (Amazon, Newegg etc.) it will be covered under the standard warranty. They are exactly the same in all respects, but Pioneer has to identify it differently when selling it as a bundle. 

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Just bought an open box VSX-8231 from amazon for $188. Picked up a squaretrade warranty for an additional $18.
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