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Headphone Connection

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Have a simple setup with a complex(?) problem:

1. Comcast box: HDMI out to TV HDMI-1. Toslink audio runs to LG Home Theater amp for 5.1 speakers. All works fine.

2. LG amp has built-in BR DVD player. HDMI out to TV HDMI-2. Works fine......both video/audio. I switch TV input from HDMI-1 to HDMI-2.

Now I want to add a wireless headset to listen to either.

A. The comcast box is easy - has RCA out (cable to headset xmtr), and can turn off the LG amp/speakets.

B. BUT - the LG amp/player has NO analog out to listen to DVD thru headphones. The HDMI out is used going to TV. The Toslink connecter is used coming from the Comcast box. Unit doesn't have any other connectors other than RCA IN.

Have a Pana TV.......sigh, NO analog out. But it does have an optical/Toslink connector I'm not using.

Any ideas how to get the audio from the LG DVD to an analog A/B switch to select either Cable or DVD?
Here's what I'm thinking (??). Have my internal TV speakers off. Since DVD goes to TV via HDMI, could I use the optical/toslinkk connector at TV and get a optical to analog converter to go to A/B switch?

I can't be the only one that wants to listen to DVD via wireless headphones.......with no analog OUT connectors. Open for any fix for this.
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Digital-to-analog converter (DAC) in between optical output of TV & analog input of headphones.
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Thx. Also found this - might it work from the LG amp and TV? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ECTHIKK/ref=pe_385040_30332200_pe_309540_26725410_item
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If you are working with surround sound, then you don't want to use that unit as it will eliminate the surround sound mix. If it is just stereo, then that unit will be fine. Monoprice has a HDMI audio extractor with DSP which can pull a stereo downmix off a surround stream and leave the surround stream intact if you need it. Looks similar to what you have linked, but does more if you need it.
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Maybe I'm making this harder than what I should. The LG unit is an integrated BR DVD & Amp going to 5.1 speakers. I have it connect to TV via HDMI for picture. There are no audio out connectors on the LG. What I want to do is connect a wireless headset to it (has RCA connectors) for nightime use......and obviously not have the 5.1 speakers on. The headset is stereo only.

But now I'm confused. Whether I use the HDMI device from amazon and pull out the (stereo) analog (or) use the DAC from the TV Toslink - how do I turn off or mute the external speakers from the amp? Sigh.
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What's the model number of the LG piece?
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It's a LG BH6830SW - Has a HDMI (going to TV), an optical connector (coming from my comcast box), and speaker connections.....that's all. No analog connectors. Intent is to watch a DVD from the LG through wireless headsets.....without the speakers on. Didn't think this was going to be so hard to accomplish.
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Well, you certainly can't get there from here. This is a bottom of the line entry model without any design to do what you want. Perfectly normal for its price class.

But, there still MAY be a solution.

Apparently you can set it up to output audio from the HDMI connection. If this is the case, then you can pull RCA audio off of that connection.

This little guy from Monoprice will extract 2-channel stereo audio from a HDMI feed...


Works well and should do what you need from it.

The manual explains how to get digital audio out of the LG unit over HDMI. It is under "AUDIO OUT", on page 31 of the PDF manual.


Good luck on this one!
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