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Help with Pandora

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I'm trying to set up a friends 675 and I know nothing about Pandora except he uses it to play music through his android phone. Can someone tell me how to set it up through the 675? I kind of need a step by step.. I did read the manual which was no help unless I missed something. I also have the 675 so I am somewhat familiar with it. Thanks.
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What brand is the 675? Should be as simple as identifying your friend's Pandora account when prompted, though. Make sure it's got the appropriate internet setup first.
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In his signature he list his receiver as the Yamaha RX-V675.

I think all he needs to do is sign in with his Pandora ID and password. If your friend doesn't have an account he needs to sign up for one.
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Didn't look but so nice if someone is specific about make/model since numbers are duplicated by many brands...

There's also a special Pandora guide download on the Yamaha support page for the RXV675
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Sorry, guys. I posted in the wrong thread. It was meant to go in the Yamaha RX-V 75 Series owners thread. Thanks for not seriously burning me. And some were kind enough to offer some suggestions. Thank you. I'll repost there.
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