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Do I need a newer reciever?

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I have a sony str de885 that I got from a friend couple of years ago. My is do I need a newer model to decode the surround sound from my 3D movies? I was interested in the sony str dn840. I want to be hearing what is right and spend money if I don't have to. I believe the de885 is from around 2003 if that helps.
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Your bluray player likely will decode the surround format just fine and send it to your avr. What player do you have?

Depends on the capability of both the player and avr as far as just what extent of surround you will be able to enjoy and with what connection; the DE885 apparently can handle both Dolby/DTS 5ch surround and can accept 5ch analog as well as coax/optical inputs. If you want 7ch lossless formats you'll need an appropriate avr with hdmi inputs (your player should have hdmi if its 3d capable). You might want to download the DE885 manual from the sony support site if you want details on what it can do.
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Your DE885 has no HDMI inputs so it cannot decode TrueHD or DTS-MA from Blu Ray.

Depending on your Blu Ray player you may have other options. What make and model is it.

The Sony DN840 will pass a 3D signal and decode hi rez audio from Blu Ray.
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I have a SONY BDP-S590 and a LG 65" 3D tv. I just know on back of the 3D movies it says DTS HD and so forth.
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I would get the new receiver to take advantage of the HDMI inputs and audio decoding.
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That is what I figured.
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Your player should be up to whatever you need in terms of hdmi output but seems to be limited as to decoding abilities from what I see on Sony's site. Do you have a 7ch speaker system? If not I wouldn't worry about it and simply use your player in 5 ch mode, whether or not which unit does the decoding, there's not a huge difference unless you really want a 7ch system....

ps FWIW I use a DE597 for my 5ch bedroom setup and it sounds just fine. I do have a 7ch setup in my main setup, but a much bigger room which factors in as well....IMHO.
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Finally got the new receiver, Sony Str-Dn840 and it makes a world of difference. I was able to pick it up for $350 after tax. It was an open box at Best Buy. Could not turn that deal away, looked like it was never opened.
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