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I have a semi large oval cove ceiling, with trim that would allow for recessed lighting around the oval. That lighting is intended to be blacklight to charge a ceiling mural of the night sky. The oval is about 20'9" by 13'5". So.... Tube lighting wouldn't seem to work since the oval is of course curved. Rope lighting would seem well suited, and I can find some blacklight rope, but, the questions would be:

1. Would the rope light be bright enough to charge to the center?
2. I have read from some mural painters that led blacklight is not proven to work yet to charge the paint. This is over a year old info, not sure if anything has changed. Also, what I have found is 405nm which I also read is not good for the paint, needs to be lower.

So, has anyone successfully used a flexible product that could be mounted in my oval cove ceiling to charge this large an area of paint? If so, where can I find it!? I would love to use led.