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Open room media room

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I am getting really close to purchasing a new subwoofer for my basement. I will explain my setup and get pics as soon as I can.

I currently have a denon 3313 that is pushing a Polk setup for the fronts, center, and the rears. My current subwoofer is a PSW10 from pol. I know it is missing a lot when it comes to home theatre bass performance. I did only pay $6 for it 5 years ago and it was originally in a small room. I currently have the subwoofer about 11 feet right in front of behind some velvet panels that i have made. It is in an opening. The room is about 16 wide with ceilings from 10 to 9 feet due to duct work in areas. It is an open room and with a bar in the rear and then open on the one side. The length of the room is about 20 feet.

I was looking at the NXG sub, SVS PB1000 sub and I am doing some more research on the Lava subs. I would like to spend no more then 500 or 600 bucks. This room is used mostly for TV and Movies. Looking for some opinions on this. Thanks
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Its hard to beat the SVS PB1000 or Rythmik LV12 in the 5-600.00 range.
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The rythmik lv12r will be the best choice under $600.
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A question I have had is how does the PB-12NSD compare to the LVR. I came close to buying Jims LVR but couldn’t talk him down far enough to make the question worth it. biggrin.gif I’m sort of thinking the LVR should come in between the PB1000 and the PB-12NSD?? I hope the OP doesn’t mind me throwing this out there.
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