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ANy thoughts on placing in-wall speakers near ceiling?

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In my wife's home office I was going to go with a pair of in-ceiling speakers for a whole house audio system. However during construction an alternative location for in-wall speakers presented itself. This location is high in the wall, located 4" from the ceiling to the edge of the speaker, and in a wall bay that is just larger than the speaker by about 1" on each side (I can put fiberglass in the bay). The in-wall speakers would be in front of a stand up desk (about 30 inches deep), where the ladder is in the enclosed photo. The in-ceiling option has the speakers located about 4 feet behind the desk and to either side. In the enclosed photo, the proposed in-wall 6.5" speaker location is inside the blue tape. Both the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have tweeters that can be aimed.

My question is does anyone have an experience in using in-wall speakers like this, or is this in-wall location a dumb idea and I should just stick with a traditional in ceiling speaker location?


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If that in-wall location was your only option, I'd say fine, but with the ceiling available, I think that would be the better choice for two reasons. 1) I think it's a better choice acoustically - the high in-wall position may give harsh reflections from the ceiling, but more importantly 2) the in-wall placement will transfer a lot of sound into the wall cavity and into the adjacent room - the ceiling placement avoids that (assuming there isn't a room above)...

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I agree with jautor, unless the person at the desk is watching video on a computer or tablet that will be a source for the whole-house audio system. The high location of the in-walls wouldn't be ideal, so you're probably better off with local speakers for that option anyway.

You could wire for both options very cheaply and easily, in-ceiling and in-wall, to keep future options open. Just bury the in-ceiling speaker wires behind the drywall.

Bottom line, +1 in-ceiling.
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So when I did my whole house install...I was challenged when I got to the formal dining room. I didn't want to do in ceiling's as I did in the rest of the house because of some installation challenges with working around the crown moulding. I ended up using rectangular, in-wall speakers and put them just above outlet level with the thought that generally music in the formal DR will be generally low volume background music like jazz, classical or holiday. What I learned is that firstly the in wall speakers are a better speaker than the in ceiling's as they are three way vs 2 way round. They sound substantially better and when I am jamming out and have all the zones on the same source, but the in walls don't quite fill the room given the wall placement compared to all the other rooms with their ceiling placement. For my purposes the placement and speakers are just right. I do like however that the music doesn't travel into the bedroom above.
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