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New Build-Purple People Eater

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Let me say thanks in advance for the many people who have inspired my build.

I promise to deliver more of a true update/build thread BUT Im really in a pickle concerning a lighting solution. I really need some advice and direction as Im exhausted from trying to figure it out solo. Yes Ive searchedand read the Grafikmeye sticky and used the search button!

Im planning on atleast 9 zones of lightting. I wanted to do almost all dimmable LED lights except maybe my wall sconces. I really gravitated to the the Lutron Grafik eye QS. However, they only make a 6-zone solution and Im not sure about how they handle LED lights with very small loads.

I wanted the grafik eye QS because they dont turn your wall into wall of buttons and provide a clean look asesthetically as well as the ability to create scenes easily.

I also wanted to have a simple 2 button wallstation(on/off) tied into the grafik eye at the entrance to my theatre/media room for ease.

I have sought some professional help but have been disappointed in most of their ideas. For example, place 9 crestron dimmers in a closet, leave 9 control 4 dimmers on the wall, etc...

Is there any way I can link 2 grafik eyes together( 6-zone and 4-zone) and control the whole room?And still use a wallstation for all on/ all off?

If so I will proceed with a 2 grafik eye QS solution...

BTW my zones are as follows:

1. Front row of LED recessed cans( 3 total)
2. Middle row of LED recessed cans(2 total)
3. Back row of LED recessed cans(2 total)
4. 2 front wall sconces
5. 2 rear wall sconces
6. Riser step lights(~32ft of LED lighting)
7. lighted crown moulding(~80 ft of LED lighting)
8. Bar area Recessed LED lighting(2 total)
9. Under cabinet LED lights(3 total ~8ft)

Any help at this late stage would be be greatly appreciated. BTW Mike Garret has been most helpful in assisting me with my equipment. If I can just get over this lighting issue, I think I will rest easier.

Thanks in advance
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Personnaly I don't see the need for so many zones and the need to automate certain zones with dimmers.

Put liights over seating on one zone
Under cabinet lighting can be a wall switch in that location

That takes you to 6 zones, easy
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Is there a minimum load per zone to meet?

(I have zero QS experience but my 3104 requires a 40 watts minimum per zone.)
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Thanks Jeff

Not sure why I want all the zones other than if I wanted to have a small amount of light from rear I can only do that with separated zones.

I agree about bar lights but I figure why not go all in and not have one zone not automated in the room?

I think Im going to daisy chain a 4 and 6 zone together and skip the LED's

Now trying to figure out how I can control both of them thru either an RF or ethernet connection. Its very challening trying to get the correct info on these small specific details. Im planning on drywall early next week, so my window is narrowing fast to get it right.
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Went ahead and am going to go with 2 grafik eye one stationed on top of the other with a entrance door wallstation.

Not completely sure if it will work but am going to use the PELV wire to daisy chain the 2 grafik eyes and the wallstation together.

Im not sure if I need the ethernet/RS 232 module or not. I read on here that IR emitter can be created from CAT 5 cable and then run into the equipment rack. This can then be controlled
by a 3rd party solution(Im thinking harmony or i rule or maybe even RTI if I get completely stuck). Not sure exactly how to do this but will continue to read the online lutron documentation and try and to sort thru the many threads here on avsforum pertaining to grafik eyes.

Hopefully I will get a pic or too up before tonight.

I finalized most of my equipment with Mike from AVS

And the Sony 4k projector is patiently waiting in my foyer to be hung!

Thanks to all those that read and the few that have contributed
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Here are some random pics of my media room and my sony 4k projector hanging out in my foyer...

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Apologies on the quadruple post, will eventually get some pics posted. Also will post the basic set of plans
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Not sure if there is a minimum zone wattage requirement. At any rate, I have given up on the dimmable LED lights at this point.
I just cant seem to locate competent professional help locally, so I often feel like Im flying by the seat of my pants!

Hopefully the regular lights will work
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I'm on paint now. Soon to be carpet and cabinets.

My screen is en route. Carada Masking system is still pending.

I have all my gear in my living room.

Big thanks to Mike@AVS

Still uneasy about lighting(trying to order graphic eyes) but nothing final yet.

Here a few pics of paint

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Here is a shot of my goodies in my living room.
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Anyone have experience with control 4 for multizone lighting(9 zones)? I really want to order the graphic eyes(2) but with little to no support locally I'm somewhat fearful of getting stuck with something that I won't be able to get work. I called a integrator and they wanted 7k to install 2 QS graphic eyes, 2 wall stations and programming. So I guess that would be the very last option if I couldn't get them to work properly.

The control 4 lighting was pitched, but offered a bank of 9 switches which I didnt really want but I guess could live with if it worked. Also I believe control 4 handles LED lighting(dimming specifically) with less parts than graphic eye.

Or as a remote control solution for a media room/theatre?

I'm trying to choose RTI vs Control 4 vs maybe even crestron.

My objective is ease of use, reliability and flexibility.

My remote budget is somewhat flexible depending on what I'm getting.

Especially control 4 vs RTI???

Any ideas/thoughts for the above 2 points???
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I use Control4 for locking/unlocking my front door, closing/opening the garage door, controlling my theater and many theater and house lights. Very satisfied. I did not do the original programming (done by Atlanta Home Theater) but there are user tools available to make changes.
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Great info. And thanks for your insight! Really appreciated.

The control 4 is tempting because I can expand it over time for more functions in the house.

However Im just not able to find detailed info on control 4 for home theatre use specifically.

For instance will control 4 automate my carada masking system? Will I be able to change settings in my projector with the control 4 unit?

I installed the RACO 698 masonry box, but I assume the control 4 dimmers will fit in their ok.
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Making progress. Have the led star field up in the ceiling now. Looks good. I have a few pics of the install.

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I also finally hung the sony 4k projector. That thing looks like a beast hanging from the ceiling.

My ceiling is only 9ft.

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Btw these are all iPhone pics so the quality is sub par.

Here are the 1st images that were thrown when the VPL 1000 ES connected to direc tv. Zero calibration, just image pointed at flat black screen wall.

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Anyone have suggestions for dimmable LED rope lighting? 80ft run for crown moulding and 40 ft run for riser

Unfortunately there seems to be a ton of companies but no clear solutions

Any ideas?
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This is going to be one amazing theater when it's complete! I'm also interested in dimmable rope lighting solutions. I've read that some can dim, while some partially dim--but cut off at a certain level, while others don't dim at all. Very confusing.
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Thanks Brolic Beast for commenting on my build thread.

I'm not good at typing/posting/documenting stuff so I can't provide great visuals for my thread all the time.

However Im still excited and nearing the finish line on my build!

Your YouTube video of the unboxing of your screen was very cool!
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Unfortunately I was unable to hang screen and carada masking system today. Got everything up, but the 1/2" furring out of luxus frame proved to be too much. The upper left corner of the masking system motorized mechanism was touching the upper left corner of the screen material.

I presume my wall is really crooked or perhaps an error on my part.

At any rate had to have everything torn down. Will remove furring
and try again Tommorrow.

Hope my screen will not get

Maybe there is a tool to determine how straight or crooked
the actual wall is or isn't.

Today was thumb downs day all around.

Plus, just figured out my finish date is pushed back to early/mid December!!!

I'm so far over budget and past the due date, not sure
whether to stop or start compromising.

O well.......really bummed today!

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is this were we all sing e-i-e-i-o?
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Cold blooded!

At any rate, your silly comment would never stop me. I got way more fight in me than you would ever know. It's in my bloodline.
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You post a picture of a farm and a cow instead of something from the theater, I start humming Old MacDonald had a farm, what else did you expect?
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Whoops had no idea I posted that picture!

Now I'm chuckling at your comment. My apologies for getting chippy. Just was frustrated the other day.

I'm now back on track, and hopefully will have everythinng, construction wise wrapped up before thanksgiving.

Unfortunately my 144" carada masquerade system had a damaged motor/control board. So that will take time to remedy. Carada's support has been second to none so far.

Plumbers are done. Cabinets are done. Figured out the dimmable LED rope lighting for riser and crown moulding.

[IMG]http://www.avsforum.com/content/type/6 1/id/315997/width/200/height/400[/IMG]

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