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Custom System

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I'm a Crestron and AMX programmer by trade so I have had some cool toys but my current system is custom and I find myself needing less AV control gear and more AV gear. smile.gif

I have a Sharp Aquos LCD in the living room with a Pioneer VSX-31 and for content I have a Apple TV 3rd gen, Pioneer BDP-31FD blu-Ray player and a xbox 360.

I control the system using my android app I wrote called universal AV. I use a global cache wf2ir to control the Apple TV and the xbox 360 through IP control. I use just straight top to control the display, receiver and blu-Ray player. I run my universal AV app on my galaxy note 2 and have the interface setup to look and act like my previous Crestron system. Basically by using my app and a 80 dollar global cache device I eliminated the need for my Crestron cp2e.

What's more from my same galaxy note 2 I can also control my bed room tv, xbmc PC, office Apple TV, window blinds, and lighting over wireless.
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need pics of the setup to go with the ad
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Attached is a photo of my AV gear. The pioneer gear is second hand and I realize it's old but I picked them for the control capabilities.

The interface is for a demo system that uses a Cisco c40, the receiver and blu-Ray player, and a Apple TV being displayed on a smaller 32 inch lg. (the system was on a cart for the demo). I was controlling the LG display through a Extron iplink, the Apple TV through a global cache wf2ir and the VTC, receiver and Bluray player through IP from a old galaxy tab. The reason I showed it in the tab was because I wanted to show a old device being able to run it.

I know it sounds like an ad but I don't get to talk about it at work and I just wanted to share with someone what I am doing.

The basic system in the living room.

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Your Crestron programming skills put you in a uniquely awesome position to have the perfect control setup! I had no idea that Crestron could control the Apply TV. We utilize a Crestron system for VTC at work and it's as simple as a VTC can be expected to be. I don't think the brother above meant your post sounded like an advertisement, we just have a saying here: "Pics, or it didn't happen" biggrin.gif

Also, love the Dreamcast. I remember the first time I signed online to play one of the Marvel v. Capcom games (or was it v. SNK?) via 56k modem....and don't get me started on Shen Mu.......ah, the golden age of gaming, where system played games without trying to tell me what my friends are watching on netflix! lol.

Do you, as a programmer, find that tablets use is increasing while Crestron dedicated panel use are decreasing? It might sound like a no-brainer question in favor of tablets, but even though Sonos doesn't make dedicated controllers anymore since their apps are so comprehensive, I still prefer (and use) dedicated controllers thoughout the house, because I don't have to click an icon, wait for it to connect, and then use. The dedicated controllers let me simply pick up and use. I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Can we see more pictures of the full setup?
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I know what you mean. I have a cp2e, a av2 with an ethernet card, a ni700 and a axcent 3 pro that i slave to it for ports. I even recently got some AMX and Crestron touch panels. At one point I had my dell Axim programmed using c# to operate my AMX system. The funny thing is I have more control options then need and most of them have become nothing more then day job test beds now because I use my tab and note for the heavy lifting at home.

Oh I see what you mean about the pictures. Talk is cheap and such. smile.gif

I love my Dreamcast. I remember when Phantasy Star Online came out. I played that for nights on end. It was a sad day when the Dreamcast was put to rest. I even had the Belem disc to run Gran Turismo 2 on the Dreamcast. Oh and don't forget cho cho rocket,

Lol I hate using Netflix on a console. I remember the first time I got invited by a friend to watch a video with him on xbox. It was like mystery science theater with the avatars in front of the movie. I miss the days of the original play station and Super Nintendo.

At my job iPads are the number one seller for touch panels for Crestron and AMX. Abut the only people buying the Crestron and AMX touch panels is the government because they don't use wireless devices. The reason they are so popular is the price. Why spend $6000 for a 6 inch screen when you can spend something like $300 for a iPad 2 and $100 for a Crestron license of Crestron mobile g pro or $700 for a license for tp control. I don't see many expensive iPads being used though for the main reason of it being over kill for the task. I also don't see many androids being used. In fact only sony used a android tablet and that was only because they insisted on only using sony AV equipment aside from the Crestron gear in their system.

If you mean physical key pads I have only seen them used in universities that could not afford a touch panel.

There is not much more to the setup in the room except the display. I just have a speaker bar with a seperate sub being powered by the amp for now until I have enough money for the speakers I want,

I can show you some of the gear I have sitting around my house though. If you watch the video in my app listing on google play you can see some of the control system gear. The video is old and I'm working on replacing it but it also shows some more of the system in action.

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