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Samsung F8000 Cloudy Screen

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I purchased an F8000 just under a month ago and have begun to notice some clouding in the upper left and right hand corners of the screen on full-black images. It is not apparent with moving images, however I find it quite noticeable with still black scenes. As I still have a few days left to return/replace at Futureshop, I was wondering if this is somethign I should be concerned about or if it's normal and a replacement won't solve the issue.

For what it's worth, I do have the backlighting at 12, I know minimal backlighting is preferred but that is what works for my space.

Thanks in advance
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Not sure if I am just more aware of it now or if the corners are getting worse.

Is this a reason for replacement?
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This is a common problem with LCD. Nothing you can do, some have it worse & some are better.
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You could try to rub it out (heh). I have had success with this method on more than one thin led lctv.

Take a micro fiber cloth and gently.- GENTLY - rub in circles over and around the affected area. If you do this with the set on you will see psychedelic colors and patterns where you are pressing on the screen. If you don't see them you're not pressing hard enough.

If it doesn't help you can always return or exchange it.

If you're worried about what I posted you can always google the method to see what you think. Proceed with caution and at your own risk regardless!

Good luck!
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If an in store exchange isn't possible talk with Samsung support. They are very concerned with their high end TV's customer satisfaction. I've read people getting replacement panels installed by Samsung's hardware warranty at no cost for clouding that is noticeable during normal viewing. You could even request a Samsung made panel version to be ordered I'm sure too.

I have TS01 and I'm very fortunate to have an impeccably uniform panel with no noticeable clouding. Hope everything works out for you because the F8000 is truly a stunning TV at its quality controlled best.
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Sounds like you get to play the panel lottery game.
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