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Thanks for coming on the board and keeping us updated. That is all we can ask for and we all know you are very busy.

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Welcome to the boards, Jeff. Keep up the good work. Any chance the new Live Truck will be HD?
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I just got an email from titantv.com saying they are updating their charts to list WIBW-DT as live so us with computer cards can record with one touch.
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WIBW is once again broadcasting in HD. The red 44 bug is back in top right corner. It looks like they also got the stretch problem fixed. I was watching Survivor (non HD) and it was not stretched. The CBS- It's All Here commercial was in wide screen and then switched back to 4x3.

Good work Jeff!
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Theres a little taste of what you can expect.
CBS prime time shows are in HD but most of the commercials are not,
so as you can see CBS sends the commercials in 16x9 with the sides blacked out.

Right now its not switching between local and network it is staying on network. I can't leave it this way because none of our local commercials are not airing.... and of course this is how we pay for all the new hd gear.

When I get it to switch automatically I will send our local news and commercials in 4x3 instead of streched. so you will watch all the time in 16x9 with black on the sides. unless its in true HD.

(this way it will be like CBSs commercials) so you will see all regular programming in 16x9 with black on the sides and HD in fullscreen.)

Does this make since.... I will also make it where the HD 44 logo just pops on the screen every 1/2 hour then goes away. Its hard to place the 44 on the screen were its visible during both 4x3 and 16x9 because viewers have there systems set up differently.

And in time I will make the logo smaller.....

Make since ?
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oh by the way the New live truck will not be HD...

HD cost a fortune... just to pass CBS not to mention trying to originate it yourself....

see ya
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Great news Jeff. I have a free night tomorrow and will try once again to pick up the signal.

Again, thanks for all the hard work.
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Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

I was ready to give up on CBS HD when I heard that KCTV was not going to pass HD. Then I tried to get WIBW not expecting to yet since your still at low power. Much to my surprise I get you on 13-01 with a signal of 50-60. CSI was great tonight in High Def. BTW I live in Paola KS. I think it's close to 80 miles from your tower (100 miles to Topeka by highway). I get KMBC DT 7 with a signal around 80 and have drop outs all the time. You guys never dropped out once all night. Keep up the good work. And Thanks again.

Now If I could only find an NBC HDTV signal.
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Welcome to the board Gleyser. KSNT should be on by the end of this month, but at 1 kW, so I would think you would have a hard time getting that one. Just subscribe to this thread and I am sure you will see it here when KSNT goes live.

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Thanks Tim

I guess KSNT will start the same way WDAF in KC did. They started out at 1.1KW last spring and are still there. Not that FOX has HD anyway.

I tried to get the NBC station out of Jeff City MO but it's too far away. The same for Omaha NE. I can get the Analog station from Omaha so it might be that they are also at low power. Haven't tried Wichita. I figure the hills between here and there would block the signal.
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I contacted Jim Moore of WDAF about HDTV, here is his response...

Hi Gordon. Thanks for your interest in WDAF-TV and Fox. HDTV, digital TV, DTV, SDTV, 108-i, 720p, 480i, 480p, all mean diffent things to different people, and most stations are treating these differently. But, keep in mind, at least for now, that most of the programming, content information, is still NTSC analog in a 3x4 format. So, whatever the digital format we select for transmission, it is still an analog formatted picture. To do anything else with NTSC produced content simply distorts the picture and the program providers did not like that one bit. Fox has chosen as their digital standard 480p (16x9) widescreen, but again the content is still analog 4x3, ie., the black wings on the picture (if you have a wide screen set) fills out the scree. This, also goes for the FOX network. They, are also sending analog 4x3 at this time . In summary, for now at least, it is the production
format of the analog programs that is driving the digital tv wagon. Hope this helps.

At least he responded in a timely manner (one day..) Can't say the same fr those people at KCTV or KSHB
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WDAF in KC has weak answers. That response was total BS.

Also, I tried to get WIBW-DT again tonight and nothing. I am going to try to give it a shot at a different location this weekend.

Jeff, do you have any advice for me?? Or just wait untill you get the new line in?
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Friday night it looks like WIBW is back to up converting it NTSC signal on their digital channel. Stretched.
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Saturday NCAA football looked great, looked like true 1080 and no stretch.
Later when I came back at about 8:00pm, back to the good old stretch
mode. Does anybody know the plans for 5.1 audio? Also I cant get
my Mcintosh preamp to go into pro logic on WIBW. Is there a flag
that they need to put in the signal so you can use pro logic? I can use
pro logic when I watch KMBC but not when I watch WIBW.
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From what I've read and seen the only network that's doing 5.1 DD for now is ABC. Most of the movie services (Showtime, Starz, HBO ect) also have 5.1. Haven't heard anything on CBS or any of the others yet.

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Glenn is right. Right now the only OTA that does DD 5.1 is ABC. I think CBS is going to eventually get 5.1 but I don't know when. Glad to see the SEC football looked good.
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I wasn't sure about CBS thats why I asked. KMBC told me that they
would try for 5.1 by end of the year. I know HBO and Showtime do
5.1 because I have Directv and get both in HD. But I was still
wondering about Dolby Pro Logic, I can get my preamp to
output pro logic on KMBC but it wont output it on WIBW.
I have the same problem HDnet on directv, it goes in pro logic
but it only outputs the signal in stereo. Have you heard of this
before and is there a flag that needs to be in the Dolby Digital
signal to turn on pro logic. I seem to remember reading somewhere
that there is a flag in the signal.
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I need help.

I would like to try to band together and get enought people to call Cox and ask them to carry WIBW-DT as a 8VSB signal that those of us who cannot pick up the signal can still enjoy it. I will call Monday and ask the guy here in Manhattan.
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Has KSNT started testing yet? I thought I got a slight signal last night on 28. It was a signal strength of around 30, and only there for a few seconds. Never did lock on. Might have been a distant signal but I can't find anything that would be on the air in that direction at channel 28.
I even got a signal on 34 WDOG (aka WDAF) last night but never could get it to lock on. Might need to upgrade my amp. I using a rat shack one that I've had for about 5 years. WIBW was good even if I don't watch CBS on Sunday night (looked like a chick flick was on.)
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Has anyone heard anything definitive about Sunflower in Lawrence carrying shows in HDTV?? Seems like everyone I talk to has a different answer.

Thanks in advance......
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I have been in contact with Sunflower for 9 months now... pushing them very hard!!! There have been numerous promises about having HDTV on Sunflower but nothing has been firmed up.

The latest word that I have is they are planning on having 3-6 channels up in early 2003. It should include a mix of Premium and local channels. They plan on finalizing the hardware choice in the next 30 days and then settle on the infrastructure in 60 days and then they will start testing.

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Chris-- Thanks for the info--looks like we we'll have to wait and see if they mean it.
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Any news on the new line for WIBW so they can move up to a higher ERP??
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No news on the line, but they DID get their stretched problem fixed. However they still are NOT passing the HD signal through. They were in HD briefly on Thursday 10/17 but I have not seen HD since.
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I talked with Elmer, guy in engineering who answered the phone, just a few minutes ago, and he said about a month on the new line.
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Anyone able to get KSNT or know if they are up and running??
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KSNT and WIBW both asked for extensions.

KSNT becasue their equipment has not arrived. They asked for a 6 month extension but thought that they would be on by Nov. 30.

WIBW asked for an extention because they did not think that their STA would be issued in time.

I went back and checked my emails from April and the GM at KSNT said at that time they would make the May 2002 deadline, now they are asking for May 2003, Go figure. I bet that they have no plans to get on the air by Nov. 30th. I think they will drag it out till the FCC takes away their NTSC license. At least WIBW tried!

I have not watched KTKA since they asked for an extension, maybe its time to boycott KSNT also.
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Well, I really think KSNT is trying harder than KTKA did. I just really hate the low power option. I mean, it's nice that Topeka will be covered, but I would like to see the signals get into Manhattan, Lawrence, and north. The FCC by allowing this is going to slow down the process instead of accelerating it.

WIBW I think just filed the extension incase the STA was not in time, which it probably wasnt, but they will still be on the air at least.
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WIBW is running their HDTV commercial again. Unfortunately there is no HD on tonight (Wednesday) to see if it is coming through. We will have to wait for CSI on Thursday.
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The Young and the Restless is not in HDTV, today. Also have not seen the 44 logo. The official FCC anouncement, for WIBW, was today. Could it be possible that the auto switching mechanism that, timmy mentioned, is not working?
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