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head unit went bad...need help picking a new one

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I had a Marantz sr5200. its old and a capacitor exploded in it and the electrolyte ate the main board before I could do anything about.
I don't have a lot of money to play with at the moment.
I need it to have pre amp outs ( I use all external power amplifiers)
HDMI would be nice
I only have a 5.2 set up now so 7.1/2 or 9.1/2 isn't that important.
I have searched for hours cant find any thing I like or wont kill my bank.
I would mind a use amp so if someone has one there not using with the preamps and HDMI let me know
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It would help immensely if you could tell us how much you can spend.

Also where are you located? We might be able to find something suitable on Craigslist for you.
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I live in Beaufort SC. 250 to 300 at the most.
I wish I had the money for the av8801. that thing is just awesome.
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Call Sherbourn. Maybe they'll have a pt7020 preamp on sale for you in their Factory Renewed gear even cheaper than their current sale price. 615-790-6754 See the note posted by another AVS user in a different thread.

Originally posted by DPMurphy

Looks like the warehouse sale is on now with special deals on the PT-7030 and other gear on close out, sounds like lots of deals on open box/refurb and other stuff:

Most everything is Factory Renewed gear, with a little bit of scratch-and-dent mixed in (similar to Area 51 at Emofest). Due to the extremely low prices, we have to charge shipping. Shipping rates (within the continental U.S) will range from $20-35 based on what you order. This sale will not be on our site! You’ll have to call in or email to place an order. The 30-day trial does not apply to warehouse sale gear. All sales are final.

NOTE: THE SALE IS ONLY FOR U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY. Due to the limited quantity of products available for this sale, we cannot accept international quotes. Most products will be gone within the first few minutes of the sale. We’ll have exclusive sales for European customers in the future when our new service center is up and running.

Some products will go faster than others. It’s first come, first serve, so if you are interested in anything calling in your order is your best bet. 615-790-6754. You can also email us at sales@emotiva.com.

Here’s a list of what we have for sale. You’ll have to call in for a quote. *Processors and receiver purchases qualify for Upgrade for Life.

UAC 8.2
UAW 8.2
Airmotiv 4,5,6


5 HDMI inputs and one output.
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that's a great price and looks to have every thing I need. well I feel better now. I thought I was going to have to get a second job to pay for a new amp!!!
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The PT-7020 is not an amp, it a preamp/processor. You connect it to external amps like you said you have in your original post.
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I just called and they are out of the 7020
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while I search for a new unit I decided to try and get my rs5200 working. I found all the DSP board is the cause of all its problems.
the DAC on the DSP board has failed. this seems to be a common problem. does any one have the ability to solder and unsolder surface mounted component? this thing is tiny ,and I don't think I could get it on with out cross soldering the pins.
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