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Ultra low profile swivel mount for 50" LED TV

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I just ordered a 1.2" thick 50" LED TV. The thickness of the TV was one of the most important factors for me, because I want to mount it in a location where it needs to be out of the way and look good. Now that I finally found the right TV, I'm looking into mounts. Ideally I'd like to be able to swivel the TV left and right (up and down is not as important, but swivel mounts without tilt don't seem to exist). What is the lowest profile mount available that can swivel left/right? The best I've found are about 4.25" minimum extension... I've searched and can only find very old threads on this topic, so any help is appreciated!
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Have you looked at Monoprice.com they have a large selection of mounts. they have one that is 3 inchs off the wall corner friendly, and can be moved to the left or right.
here is another that can be used and this puppy is about 1 inch off wall.

what you want to look at is weight and VIS size. also there are adaptors that can help if you cant find the right mounting pattern for what you want, close to wall. I have used this one once for a install that I was unable to get a mount that can do what I wanted with a TV that did not match
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Awesome, thanks for the reply. I hadn't looked at those, because I guess I was paying too much attention to the TV size range the mount is rated for.

The TV is a Samsung UN50ES610. I can't find any info about the mount specifications, but it's only 32lb, so it makes sense that the mounts you linked to would work as long as the holes line up. I especially like the second one you posted: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=108&cp_id=10828&cs_id=1082806&p_id=8681&seq=1&format=2 - how can I tell if this will work with my TV (I don't actually have the TV in my hands yet)?
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The mounting holes are on the back of the set, measure them both horizontal & vertical with a metric tap or ruler and that is the mounting decision that is called VESA. the mount that you like has a VESA spec of 100X100 to 400X400 and I am sure you TV fits some place within that VESA spec. I tried to get a VESA spec on the Samsung UN50ES610 and I was just flat shocked that Samsung fails to give the VESA spec. I think you should not get the mount until you have set in hand. The closer you go to the wall the more attention needs to be paid to the cables running to the set. Remember everything is metric
There are a number of items like this
and this is something that I have found very helpful
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