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Trophy Wife - ABC HD

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Pleasantly surprised by the show. Terrible name for what may be a good show. Lots of possibilities. Good actors, the requisite cute kids and a dog all a setup for a standard sitcom but there seems to be a twist to this one - some decent writing. I was entertained enough to come back for at least a few more outings and see how it progresses.
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It sucked. The Goldbergs was even worse.
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Not something I'll go out of my way to watch.
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I had no interest in the Goldberg's but was curious about this show. While it's not great I did find it entertaining and as I said will tune in again to see how it develops. Sometimes the pilot is the best a show gets other times if given time it may be the weak link. I'll give it a month or so and see if I'm still enjoying it -- the new shows I watch are few and far between, got to be one of the worst new seasons in memory.
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Competent, but so far down the ABC rabbit hole trying to be Lifetime material that it just doesn't appeal to me. I expect women will love it but I found little here in the way of comedy or broad scope to appeal to guys. There is one too many ex-wife to give the characters any room to develop an effective banter and nothing quirky or offbeat in a way that gets me to watch Surburgatory.

This season is becoming a very short list for season passes on my DVR.
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While the show is not ground breaking I found the second episode better than the pilot. They threw in so much in the 22 minutes pilot, but in episode 2 things seems less rushed. Had a few smiles, Marcia Gay Hardin plays the uptight type A personality type so well she could do it in her sleep. Though it's been a log time the salsa incident stirred childhood memories. I enjoyed the show enough to come back, so for now it gets recorded.
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The young son stole the show in the second episode. He was hilarious!
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Still enjoying the show, it seems to have settled into a groove. The cast is working together well, writing is OK, not ground breaking but a pleasant 22 minutes.
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Wanting a new moniker while holding a green arrow was a nice ending.
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Humm, OK... rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by Matt L View Post

Humm, OK... rolleyes.gif

Sorry. I though I was in the Arrow thread.
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I didn't quite catch what she said until the Dr Ex said, "What the hell's an OrsonWellian future." Even a little of the Dippy Ex is too much, however.
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I missed the first show but have been watching it since. The premise is almost cringeworthy but the show is usually funny and sometimes really great. The best one so far was The Break Up and the one tonight was pretty good as well. I recommend it for those who care about my taste. Kinda in the class of Don't Trust the B . . . and Happy Endings to lesser degrees (not as raunchy as the former and not as over the top as the latter). Really love guest star Natalie Morales and Michaela Watkins as second ex wife Jackie is superb as is Marcia Gay Harden as scary first ex wife.
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