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Question about my Projector location

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Is been a long time since I have done anything on my home theater room because I was installing a tankless boiler combo and since was a DIY it took a very long time, but that is done and it is working. While going to my theater setup and thought about my projector location. I have a low ceiling 81" and the projector will be located on the back of the room. My screen is going to be a 49X115 2.35. The projector throw distance will be 15.5 feet and my view distance is going to be 10. I was wonder if I will be blocking the projector light while seating?
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I'm no expert but since you still don't have any replies I'll try to kick things off.

It's all geometry. So I think you need to provide a few more dimensions to get your answer. Are your seats on risers, how far off the ground is your head at its highest position, are you on risers? How far down from the ceiling does your screen start? Since it will be 49 inches below that, you can draw a line from the bottom edge of the screen to your projector lens. If you measure everything to scale and put your seating position in, you should be able to see if your head will interfere. You could also probably do this in google sketchup.
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As stated, some form of scale drawing is a really good way to go. You don't mention if you already have a projector, but remember to check that whatever you're going to be using can handle the image offsets that you'll need. Also, check out the threads on vertical placement of screens, to make sure that you have a comfortable viewing height.
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I don't have a projector or screen, I'm still in construction[IMG
Here is the rear:
Here is the front:

I'm going to have two rows of sea. One is going to be in the back raiser and the projector is going to be just above that row and the second row is going to be in the floor.
Here is my sketch:

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Looks like you have 95% of your answer already - just draw in the screen, extend a line from the lens to the bottom of the screen and see what clearance it gives you over the seats.....or am I missing something? On very rough examination it looks like it will be tight - maybe giving 12" or so above the rear of each seat cushion???

Also, from your sketch it looks like you're planning on mounting the projector tight against the rear wall - you'll need to allow some space behind the PJ for cooling & connections, so the reduced distance from the screen will need to be taken into consideration. If interference with the light path is going to be close, you obviously need to be as accurate as possible in your drawing. If you can still get the desired image size, moving the projector closer to the screen (or the screen away from the PJ!) will win you a little more headroom above the seats.
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What I did was I had my wife seat on a folding chair and then I took a piece of wood(lol) and aim it to where the screen is suppose to be. It looks like the projector will be clear even with a lot of space to spare. Also I measure her heights on the folding chair and her heights seating was 50", but I measure her with the sofa that I will be using and her measurement was like around 44, so even more space. I'm thinking to move the projector just above the first row between the first and second row. I don't know if is going to be disturbing having a big JVC E55 in that area thinking that the heights between the raiser and the ceiling on the second row is really low.
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It is often more of a problem that the heads in the first row block the view for those in back
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It is funny that I'm been building the theater room for almost a year and while checking to see if the first row block the projector notices that is going to block the people on the second row. I guess it cannot be perfect, but it is bother me the thought of first row blocking the second row and can do anything about since I have low ceiling.
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