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Manchester, NH: RCA ANT-751r gain and reception capabilities question

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I currently have an ANT-751r installed outside on my roof. I can receive channels 9,11,21 with this antenna. I have tried tuning the azimuthal angle to receive other channels without much luck. I am wondering if a different antenna coupled to the ANT-751r would help receive some of the UHF channels. Possibly channel 30 WBZ? Here is my TVFOOl analysis.




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Please put a location in the title of all antenna help threads, see the sticky and my edit.
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Oops, sorry didn't catch that. Thanks

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We don't need to tell you that you are in a sucky, sucky reception situation, and we cannot predict with any degree of certainty whether increasing your antenna gain by a few dBs makes it possible to develop signals that you presently cannot develop.

Is your antenna outdoors? If so, can you extnd the mast? You might learn something useful by seeing how much your tvfool chart improves with an increase in antenna height.

Your tvfool analysis was only resolved to "blocK' level. Given the extent to which hill obstructions vary in your area, it would also help if you resubmitted your information using the exact map coordinates
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Yeah, it turns out I'm in a bit of a valley. Didn't even realize that until I started looking into the antenna situation. The antenna is outdoors now, on an old satellite post. Played around a bit with AGL on TVFool, I don't see much improvement until I'm significantly above my roof, 50~100ft AGL. Unfortunately, that's unrealistic for me. I can however say that with a cheesy RCA-1450b indoors on my second floor, I was able to pick up ch 60, and 35, which I can't detect now, at least not where I currently have the 751 aimed. I'm not interested in those channels so much since I don't speak Spanish, but I thought it might give you an idea of signal strength at my location. I was hoping that a big 8 bay in the attic might help pick up some of the UHF channels. It sounds like that may be wishful thinking though.


Also, here is the updated TVFool with my coordinates at an AGL of 20ft. It appears that it's even worse.



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Too bad for you that WBZ isn't still on channel 4 because if it was, it might bend over the terrain better than UHF 30 does. The signal strength improvements you attained on channels 35 and 60 don't tell you anything about your prospects for Boston transmitter reception, as the Boston stations are 30 miles further away and their signals travel over different terrain. All you can do is buy the highest gain antenna that you are willing and able to pay for and keep your fingers crossed. You may want to look at low frequency UHF gain for antennas for which that information is available.
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Ok, thanks. Do you have any suggestions on antennas that fit that description. I'm pretty new to this and it appears that many antennas out there are junk.

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91XG or DB8e are probably the best UHF antennas available now. And there are some generic versions a bit cheaper from Solid Signal and MCM if price is an issue, but not sure how favorably the specs compare. And a good low noise preamp may help, such as Kitztech 200.
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I'm in Milford. I use separate VHF Hi and UHF antennas - VHF is pointed to WENH and UHF to Boston. I'm using an old style CM 4228. The problem is signals are pretty weak and even at 30 feet antenna is still below the tree line. 44 and 38 are no show during the summer. Now that Channel 11 and WGBH are in bed that is not a big deal. 56 and 68 come in most of the time, I could access the NH ION station but that means using a rotor. Other Boston stations come in fine.

I've posted my setup if you are interested, compare your TVfool results to mine to get a better idea of your options. .

Good Luck
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