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I've looked at several online examples and was very relieved NOT to see anything like them on my W1070.

But what I DO notice is a kind of metallic silvery edge to certain things like a car driving fast or a flashlight at night.

It's like a silvery light is quickly shined on something and then it's gone.

It's not too bad but I notice it.

Is that RBE?
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usually RBE is a flash of red green and bluish kinda streak as you shift your eyes......at least that's how it looks to me.
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Thanks for responding.

That's not what I'm seeing. And moving my eyes around the screen doesn't seem to increase the effect.
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Sounds almost like hotspotting.
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Yeah, sounds like a bad screen in use. What make/model/material of screen are you using? I've noticed this on some screens I've seen in the past but I can't remember a specific brand. I think it was the cheap Screen Innovations model, but I don't want to say for sure on that. Maybe it was an Elite screen. Gotta have a decent screen with any projection setup.
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My screen is a mounted piece of drywall painted with a gray recipe from the DIY forum here (painted it so long ago I can't remember which one).

If it was hotspotting, wouldn't it appear in a fixed pattern, in a fixed location? I saw an in-store demo recently with one of those old 1950's era pulldown screens, and that had a big sparkly blob right in the middle, which I took to be a reflection of the lens caused by hotspotting ... this doesn't look anything like that. It isn't constant and it isn't in the same place every time ...

I am going to build a new spandex screen though, so I'll see if that improves the situation at all ...

Thank you all for responding!
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If you do not see RBE, please do not research any further. This is one of few areas that ignorance is a blessing. Once you know how to see it, you will always see it for the rest of your life, in every film, from every single chip DLP. You will have a natural instinct to look for certain scenes to catch it. So, don't research it and just enjoy the movie...
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Thanks for the advice. I feel like a character in a 70s era horror film,wandering through a spooky old house, and I'm reaching for a doorknob, and everyone in the audience is thinking: "Don't open the door! Don't open the door!"
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I’m starting to get a silvery edge to everything when I look in the mirror, but I don’t think it’s RBE. AGE maybe? Even those hairs growing out of where they shouldn’t be are silver. I also see dead people, but that’s another thread in another forum. wink.gif
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