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First (HD)BDP with HDMI 2.0 by Panasonic

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パナソニック2013年秋モデルDIGAシリーズ7機種発表!HDMI 2.0搭載は1モデルのみ!?



BZT9300のみ対応していた4K/24pアプコンとMGVCが順当に下位モデルに搭載された。意外だったのはHDMI 2.0対応がBZT9600のみということだ。もっともこれは” HDMI 2.0準拠の通信LSI 9月より量産開始”との報道から想像すると生産数とコスト的にまだプレミアムモデルにしか使えないのかもしれない。2014年春モデルでは多くのモデルが2.0対応となるだろう。

半年ぶりに復活したBZT8x0シリーズだが、BZT7x0との違いはHDD容量が3TBに増えているだけとAV Phileとしては物足りない差異なので、やはりBZT9600に話題は集中するだろう。下記の通り高画質高音質技術が色々と盛り込まれている。


この4K高画質を100%堪能出来るディスプレイが4K VIERA TH-L65WT600のみというのが残念だ。特に4Kプロジェクターで18Gbps対応HDMI2.0モデルがないのが痛い。久々に欲しいと思えるBDレコーダーが発表されたのにこれではモニターが出そろってから購入を考えようと思ってしまう。

昨年は9/18(火)に新製品を発表したライバルのソニーはどう出るのだろうか。まずは60p色信号4:2:0出力のHDMI 2.0対応、「マスタード・イン・4K」対応をセールスポイントにするだろう。無責任に当りもしない予想をするのは楽しい。(笑)

Fall model DIGA series 7 models announced in 2013 Panasonic ! HDMI 2.0 with only one model ?

9 / 25 ( water ) Panasonic fall model 2013 "Premium DIGA " DMR-BZT9600, " Smart DIGA " series DMR-BZT860, DMR-BZT760, " Basic DIGA " series DMR-BWT660, DMR-BWT560, "Simple DIGA " DMR -BRT260 I announced a total of seven models , DMR-BR160. 6 models excluding the BZT9600 11/20 (Wed ) Expected Release is 10 / 20 (Sun ) will be released . I completely forgot 10 /17 because it was ( Wednesday) announced last year . ( Laughs)

Attention compliant of this fall is as follows .
1) 4K/24p up-converted output support : DMR-BZT9600, DMR-BZT860, DMR-BZT760, DMR-BWT660, DMR-BWT560.
2 ) master grade video coding correspondence : DMR-BZT9600, DMR-BZT860, DMR-BZT760, DMR-BWT660, DMR-BWT560
3) HDMI (ver2.0) compliant terminal deployment : DMR-BZT9600

MGVC and 4K/24p Apukon that supported only BZT9300 is mounted to the lower model duly . Was a surprising 2.0-compliant HDMI It means only BZT9600. Most might be used only in premium models still cost production and the number of this is to imagine from the coverage of the " mass production started in September communication LSI 2.0-compliant HDMI". Many models will be a 2.0 in the spring of 2014 model .

It is BZT8x0 series was revived for the first time in half a year , but because it is not enough difference as AV Phile HDD capacity is only increased to 3TB The difference between BZT7x0, topic will focus on the BZT9600 still . As high-resolution high-quality sound technology of the following is included in various ways .

1) HDMI2.0 4K/60p/4:4:4 / 24bit output possible
2) MGVC Playback: 4K/60p/4:2:2 / 36bit output auto-switching
3) Audio Accessories USB power conditioner comes with Enhancements 4) Intelligent low-noise system Improvements
5) HDMI low jitter clock system Improvements

It is a pity that display can enjoy 100% the 4K image quality is that only 4K VIERA TH-L65WT600. It is painful that there is no model HDMI2.0 18Gbps corresponding 4K projector in particular . You would think you consider the purchase monitor since finalized in this BD recorder that seems to want after a long time even though was announced .

How rival Sony has announced a new product to the 9 / 18 ( Tuesday) I wonder come out last year . First will be a selling point of the HDMI 2.0 output 60p 4:2:0 color signal , the " mustard -in · 4K " correspondence . It's a forecast that does not even hit the irresponsible fun . ( Laughs)
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36 bit MGVC Blu Ray(only in Japan)

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