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Looking for some help - New house construction- Home A/V System

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delete this
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This one may fit the bill:


The receivers for CAT6 baluns would have to be purchased separately.
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Okay, I want to keep the cost down a little bit. Is it be better to do 2 4x4 switches, since i have to equipment racks (main level/basement)

Any other way to achieve this with bringing the cost down?
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I would recommend wiring everything to a single location and then deciding what you want to do at that point. If you have two separate areas then you can never share sources between them and can never really get to a properly integrated system. They will always be separate. Unless, of course, you have one rack directly above the other one and can just drop wires down or run them up.

Two 4x4s will always be less than one 8x8, but you may hit that 4 source limit very quickly.

My home (by example) - 2 cable boxes, PS3, 2 media players, 2 Blu-ray Disc players, AppleTV... That's 8 HDMI sources. Since I want to add HDMI aux. inputs in various locations, I will need something larger than 8x8 for my home setup.

You obviously can do it as you really want to, but pricing on HDMI matrices of really good quality is very high. Even a cheap 8x8 is still over $1,500 via eBay. The cheap 4x4 HDMI matrix switchers are pretty easily under $250 on eBay. Still, it may speak to the quality of what you are purchasing as it will impact how you enjoy the final system.
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Thanks for the comments. I am leaning towards the 4x4 matrix because I do not need to share the sources from upstairs/downstairs.

With the 4x4 matrix switches, would I use a 4x4 HDMI or 4x4 HDMI over Cat5 extender?
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Gurp, I'm by no means an expert as I'm just getting started in this aspect of home A/V, but I just pulled the trigger on a used Extron 16x16 Component Video matrix. It was a steal compared to every any HDMI option I was looking at, and much more powerful. It saved me 3-4k minimum on my final build I would say. It is a little older technology, but I can still do 1080p. Any super high def stuff that comes down the road I'll locate in my main theater area for viewing on the best screens. A neat thing about the Extron models with audio support is that you can breakaway the audio from the video and use it as an audio matrix too. The audio channels (judging by the manual anyway) have volume up/down commands as well that are supported so I eliminated a separate whole home audio controller by doing this. I'll let you know of any bumps I run into.
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