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Sharp XV-Z17000 VS BenQ W1070 -- Must Decide ASAP!

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I have one more day to decide to keep my BenQ W1070 or return it to Best Buy. I stopped by there today and saw that they had an open box Sharp XV-Z17000 for around $800 ...

Which is better?

I really like the BenQ with the exception of its somewhat weak black levels ... Would the Sharp be an improvement there?

My home theater is black with total light control and my main use is 2D movies with some 3D thrown in ...

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I envy you Americans where you can enjoy store return. Why not buy the Sharp ASAP so you have one day to test and compare, and post your reviews, then return the one you don't like.

But I read projectercentral reviews and found the Sharp is the first gen 3D and the reviewer is not really happy with its 3D performance. That was written 2 years ago so the goal post is expected to have raised a lot. The Sharp's lamp also consumes 100W more power yet has less lumens, which suggest it is much less efficient.
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Thanks for responding, hotj!

Yes, the sharp has a few strikes against it. The most egregious one to me is an absolutely crippled grayscale. I think you can set two colors at the higher IRE end of the spectrum and that is it. Several reviewers say it has very good color accuracy out of the box but at least one said it was off and as the lamp ages and you need to adjust grayscale accordingly you just wouldn't be able to do it ... Where as the BenQ has a full CMS, pretty much everything a calibrator could wish for, as I understand it. I also think you are right about lumens--the BenQ would probably kill the Sharp in that department.

If I had more time I would just buy the Sharp and compare them side by side, but the return deadline for the BenQ is tomorrow and I just won't have enough time to compare the two ... I think I'm just going to keep the BenQ. For $800 though, that''s probably not a bad deal for somebody ...
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The BenQ honestly throws a better image (at least in my opinion), the 17K has never impressed me after seeing it many times.

Now a 17k under $600 would be a nice find as long as the lamp was not shot, they tossed in a couple pair of 3D glasses and it included the OEM remote (I don't think they have any of that included at the $800+ asking price, could be mistaken).

There's a reason that 17k has been sitting there for months (actually I think it has been there for over a year).

Under $1K retail you are going to have a heck of a time besting the over-all performance of the w1070.

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