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Sharp XV-Z1700?

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Saw an open box model in Best Buy today for around $800 (was +3000 new).

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I realize that it's an older model but seems like it was somewhat highly rated at the time ...
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Are you referring to the Sharp Z17000 3D projector?


it's a good 3D projector if you're room can handle the offset of the lens.
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Yes, that's the one, Zombie. Thanks for the link!

How would you compare it to the BenQ 1070?
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I would take the 17k over the 1070. The sharp has a faster color wheel which will be less RBE. Also the BQ uses DLP Link which hurts constrast in 3D.

the Sharp uses these IR glasses and will have better perceived contrast with the glasses on.


Here is the manual, page 18 shows the mounting restrictions.

This projector wouldn't work in my setup though. My screen is practically touching the ceiling and I don't have enough room above the screen to mount the projector with it's fixed offset. The big brother Sharp 30K is much more flexible.

if it's in good shape, it's definitely a good bargain for $800.
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According to several reviews the ability to calibrate grayscale is limited to two colors at the high end of the spectrum and that is it ... Color accuracy is high on my list of important projector qualities, especially with flesh tones ... even if the Sharp had excellent accuracy out of the box, as the lamp ages they might start to slide and my ability to calibrate them or pay someone to calibrate them would be limited ... I would still buy it just to compare the two but I just don't have enough time ... I think I'm going to have to let this one go. Thanks again for weighing in, Zombie, and thanks especially for that manual link--very helpful. Reading through it, it looks like the calibration options are restricted to red and blue, which might not be that problematic, since if I remember correctly some calibrators say to leave green alone and just adjust red and blue ... still, no low end calibrations though ... I could buy it in the morning, I guess, take it home, ignore my two young children, compare it to the BenQ, and return one of them in the evening ...but the stress of having to make that decision in one day might be a little too much for me!
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The 30K has the same limited controls. for some reason though, it works well on the 30K. It may be the same on the 17K.

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