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HDMI Splitter Question

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I have a HD Satellite box running into my Onkyo RC470 then out to my Samsung 6500-3D tv . My Onkyo only has a Sub out for video and not audio. So, what i want to do is, be able to split the signal to my bedroom tv as well as my out door tv for my hot tub. Im wondering if splitting the signal will mess up my main tv. 95% of the time i will be only using one tv at a time since i live alone, The Satellite box has a component out . I would split that signal if i could find something decent to turn the component to Hdmi . ( i ordered one off ebay and it didnt work) The bedroom tv signal doesnt have to be perfect , but i would like HD . Any advice on this ? Thanks
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First, I can't find a reference to an Onkyo RC470 that has a D-Sub as a video output. I assume this is a European version of the RC470? And what does this have to do with anything?

Does the satellite box have both HDMI and component video? If so, send HDMI out to the Onkyo. Send the component to your bedroom TV and the hot tub using a component video distribution amp (fairly cheap - around $100 last time I looked). For audio send stereo analog to both the bedroom and hot tub.

If that doesn't help, you'll have to slow down and explain what connections are available and the model number of the HD Satellite Box.
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OK...I will try and explain more clearly. The satelite box is a BellExpressvu 9242 . It does have both HDMI out and Component out . The Onkyo RC470 is a made for "Visions Electronics" Reciever. It has HDMI out and beside it and a SUB out. I was hoping if the sub out also had audio and video i could run that to the bedroom or the hot tub . So, do these Monoprice HDMI splitters not work like a normal cable ( Old style coax ) splitter ? I have one of those remotes UHF Pro or something that go through walls , so if i could get everything on one and have HD , i would be set. The only thing with the component distribution amp, i would have a run of 40 feet to the hot tub. Was hoping to just get a hdmi distribution since the long hdmi cables or cat 5 are fairly cheap.
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The Onkyo has dual mirrored HDMI outputs. I'm not sure whether or not it will pass audio through either of the HDMI outputs as this would be unusual.

You want to run component video with a splitter. You can use Cat-5 and then use component video baluns to get the video and audio to your locations if you want, and 40' of component video with audio is cheap.

About $35 for the 50' component video cable.


Here's the back of the A/V receiver. The 'sub' HDMI output is for a second display in the same room. Typical use would be if you had a bar area TV right near the main TV, or a projector and a TV in the same area.

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Ok, im convinced that is the route i will go, with the component cables. But could you please tell me why i couldnt use a powered HDMI splitter?( 1 in and 4 out style) Thanks again
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