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3D Format Question

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Hello there! I have a nice new 3D set-up already working and all of that but I had a question Google can't seem to answer.

What's the visual difference between SBS and Frame Seq.?

I know how they are different as far as operations go but I'm running a gaming PC to an Optoma Projector and I was wondering which would be best in my situation.

When I do SBS it lets me use the full 1080p 60Hz but when I use Frame Seq. it needs to be 1080p24Hz.

And I also understand it'd probably be better to run it at 720p but my projector screen is 110" and i can really tell the difference.

Thanks in advance!
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No one has an opinion on this?

C'mon! This is the internet! :3
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Frame sequential is 720p@120Hz (60 Hz per eye); you must mean frame-packed.

For any of the 3 formats, there is a trade-off, and what is the best will depend on your setup, your perceptions and the video material. I don't expect anyone will be able to make a recommendation, besides to test it and dicide for yourself.

As far as I know (I don't game), gamers prefer the higher frame rate over resolution, so either SBC or 720p@60Hz (which may also be frame-packed) are the preferred formats for gaming.
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Frame Packed is when you have the full screen for the 3D image yes? Where as SBS is two half images. When I looked up what it was they had kept saying Frame Seq. xD
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Frame sequential is limited to 30hz on a 3DTV due to their 60hz input limit. It displays one image right after the next in a sequence. Framepacked is 60hz, but it sends two images at the same time to the TV, displays them at a rate of 120hz, giving each eye a comfortable (to most people) 60hz per eye. SBS for each frame -takes half the screen and stretches it across the screen, which halves the resolution and introduces scaling. It looks a bit sharper than 720p, but only a bit in my experience, which is with gaming.

Im not sure if projectors do scaling.

Checkerboard mode has been the best of all of them and looks almost like 1080p and it not scaled so all of the pixels that are there are at least in exactly the right place.

Keep in mind, my only experience is with LCDs.
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