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Hick from the sticks at BB and Magnolia

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There are no TV stores in my town other than "small box" stores of Shopko and Alco. Hard to TV shop and see a lot of what gets talked about on the AVS forum. Ended up in Denver this week and got to look at every TV I wanted to at a BB with a Magnolia section.
Wanted to look at 60-70 inch Vizios, Sonys, Sharps and Samsung, including 4k version. It seemed like there are really little differences in the various screens reflection or off angle viewing. Yes some are a bit less reflective, and other have a very slight better off angle viewing, but in my observations not an area to hang ones hat on for a decision. All were reflective even the Sharps.

Looked at the newest Samsung 4k and had the salesman put a Direct TV ESPN signal to it. Bill Belicheck was giving an interview and he looked like he was almost a cartoon. Could not view the same signal on the Sony 4k just because they don't have it hooked up to anything other than the 4k Media Player. BB had some polite knowledgable salesmen, but they really don't seem to want to put the same signal to all tvs.

All the big modern TVs I looked at in some manner looked great, while the 4k Samy looked great with a 4k signal it looked terrible with a standard satellite signal. The Sony 4k looked spectacular as well, but who knows what it looked like with a normal cable or sat signal.

After my less than scientific viewing of a pile of TVs I came to the conclusion that there appears to be little difference between the 1080P sets. The 4ks looked great with a 4k signal but I couldn't put a normal signal to the Sony, so I don't know what it would look like.

Maybe the Samsung 1080p sets had the best picture but I couldn't be sure. Trying to watch anything in 3d was not possible.

So after a couple of hours of TV shopping and watching, I think I learned that the normal consumer might as well go with a brand he likes. I was sure I was going with Vizio, but now I am not so sure. I could see little difference between Sony and Vizio and Sharp, and would love to be able to make the decision on quality control, i.e. which brand gives me the best shot at a trouble free set, but I didn't learn that at BB.

I think I could be happy with just about any set I looked at. Especially if it is still working withno problem 5 years from now.

I did ask the salesman what he would be and he said an OLED. So I said great lets look at one of those and he said they were not in stock, the same for the 84 inch Sony 4k.

I could be more confused than ever.,
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Well, we should be able to confuse you even more.smile.gif

Oled are just coming out after trying to solve problems with blue (I believe) lasting any time at all. And they may have serious burn in issues. But the best picture.

No one can tell you how long a tv will last, but LED bulbs are suposed to last a long time.

Sony has a long reputaion for conversion and a very good standard and high deffinition picture.

4K is going to be the future (until 8K) but the HDMI 2 stanard isn't being incorporated into the sets at this time (but some are claiming upgradability).

There won't be much native 4K content for a few years.

The larger sharps have a very nice picture and imersion factor, but can be a littled grainy up close.

Samsung probably get the nod for a slightly better picture quality from a good source.

If you are going to be setting 15' or more, go for the 80 or 90". At 10 to 15', a 60 to 90" will work.

Vizio may have a higher failure rate, but most TV's have a sub 3% problem rate.

The sharp 857's have a super bright panel that holds up well to very bright rooms with sky-lights.

I have an 80" sharp 857 and a 60" samsung 7100 and after tweeking the settings they both have what I consider a spectacular picture. But both suffer a little with the standard deffinition channels. But I don't watch them anyways.

So, take your time and figure it out and you won't get byers remorse. Hope this helps.smile.gif
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Whatever I end up with I will be using both a Dish Network and Direct TV signal. Is this somewhat compromised over good cable? Not that it matters cause cable is not available where I live.
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Also noticed that other than Sharp no one makes a matte screen, and even the sharp has a degree of reflectiveness.
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