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Well, I'm glad I thought to look in this forum,
as I've already asked in dxworld and radio discussions.
Back in December 2007 I purchased a SONY XRF3, quite selective,
seemingly as good as an MR78 which I got in 1980
This SONY served me quite well, but the tuning mechanism
seems to be rather cheap. A local SONY repair place couldn't
get parts. A broadcast engineer fixed it, but after
only 1 really good spiratic E in June, now the dial
is quite a struggle!
Main thing I wasn't fond of in this unit is an amount of I guess what some are calling
"soft muting" I prefer my FM whitenoise and weaker stations at full-volume.
Anyway, I want to find a replacement tabletop for this SONY.
In looking, I visited a Frys here in Southern Cal.
They claim they have an Onkyo unit with HD,
but I phoned Onkyo, they are not offering any now.
But adding more confusion, the new lists an Onkyo.
I notice on my SONY, many of the HD2s have brighter highs than an HD1.
Please, I would prefer a unit also with AM as well as speakers-and-an EQ
Thanks so much in advance from Sherman Oaks