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Help Me Sell My Screen?

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OK...so my story is probably a familiar one. My HT v1 was a bit ill-conceived, and as such...never got much use. It sat dormant...I sold off some gear; but kept others, because I was convinced a v2 was imminent. Well...1 year turned to 2, and so on; and I think it's time to face the music. My wife and I are seriously contemplating a move...and I think v2 is going to have to happen at the next house. But that's likely cross-country, and I don't want to drag a ton of stuff that distance.

So...how do I go about selling, what is...in some ways...a practically new screen? Here are specifically my questions:

- The screen has sat...off the wall...for some time now. I've been careful...though the HT has started to accumulate some junk; not to mar it in any way. But I assume it's collected some dust, and such. Should I attempt cleaning it...and if so, how do you go about that? Or...should I just disclose that, and leave it to the potential buyer? Certainly the last thing I want to do, is damage it in any way.

- Two...I don't have the original box. Does that pretty much preclude me to a local sale? I guess what I'm asking is...is there, realistically, any way to box this back up; to ship to an interested party? I thought about Craigslist or something; but I live in a pretty rural area. I don't imagine there's too much HT action...lol. OTOH...I didn't think about this; but I can meet someone for a pick-up...which brings Baltimore, DC, Northern Virginia, Philly into the mix (I'm on the Eastern Shore of MD). So...things aren't as dire as I might have thought.

- Which brings me to my last question for now (oh, well two). Given these circumstances...what's the best place to list? Here, Audiogon, eBay; all of the above? lol

BTW...it's a Carada Precision 96" fixed 2.35:1 in Brilliant White. It's like $640 new; what should I expect to get for it? Thanks for any help.
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Look at the classified section of this forum and see how others sell theirs and perhaps post yours for sale there.
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