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ST60 picture isn't very bright

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Hey all,


I have calibrated my tcp60st60 using the cnet settings and the picture looks good overall but the brightness is lacking. My main gripe is that there is a considerable difference is brightness when viewing the TV's menu compared to everything else (HDMI, netflix app, youtube, etc). Say I plug in my macbook and look at a white background. The white is a dull grey colour and it's a bit hard to read things. If I then bring up the TV menu, the change in brightness is extreme. All the menu text is a vivid white and the part of the background image that isn't covered by the menu (right side) becomes a vivid white as well. See the attached pictures for an example.



Any idea why this happens and is this the expected behaviour for this tv? I hope I can improve the picture as I can't really make use of the TV right now until the evening and my room isn't even that bright during the day!




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Do you have C.A.T.S. Off?
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Originally Posted by Latinoheat View Post

Do you have C.A.T.S. Off?


Yep. And the screen power saver is set to standard.

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I don't have the ST60, I have a GT50 but I don't have any problem with it being dim. I am using Windows 7 on my HTPC though. I'm sure it's just a setting with TV or your Mac. Maybe someone with a Mac / ST60 can help you out.
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Yeah at first I thought it was the laptop and tried changing the color profile, but this dimming also happens when using the TV's apps. Hopefully it's just a setting on the tv.

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Predominately white screens will always be relatively dim on Plasmas due to the undefeatable ABL (auto brightness limiter). As the amount of white on screen (or picture level) reduces, the brightness of white becomes brighter. For example, if you put a smaller white window against a black background, white will be brighter than if you filled the entire screen with white. This is how all Plasmas behave and there's nothing you can do about it.
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nothing wrong with your TV, this is typical ABL behavior
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If you're going to use your TV as a computer monitor, get an LCD. Honestly, LCD is designed to display static content. If you display static content for hours at a time on your plasma you're going to see IR. I am just trying to save you disappointment down the road.
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