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Help with a small room

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I have a 60" TV in a tiny room - roughly 10 x 10. My chair is flush against the back wall. To say this room is not ideal is an understatement but it's what I have.

My biggest problem is that the room is so live that I can't understand dialog. I'm limited in the permanent changes I can make so I'm looking at acoustic panels and curtains. It doesn't have to be pretty.

So, sources for heavy curtain and acoustic panels I can hang on the walls? I don't want any DIY solutions because I have limited tools with which to build frames.

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GIK Acoustics sell some pretty good starter kits. Adding a plush rug and curtains will help as well. Can you tell us where your speakers are placed - more specifically how low is your center speaker to the ground?
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If you are right on the back wall, I think you are going to need absorption right behind your head. What is your floor? Any other furniture in room?
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