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New Receiver Comparisons

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OK I have been on here trying to find the best choice for a home theater replacement for my Pioneer SC25. It has been in for warranty work that cannot be done and best buy is giving me 1k to replace it. I have been comparing the likes of Onkyo 929 and Denon x4000 and have now demoed the Denon and while XT32 does do wonders for my set up there is a lot lacking in overall impact. My 5.1 set-up includes Sonus Faber Grand Piano front 3 @6ohms, klipsch dipoles for surround, and an SVS pB12plus 2 sub. I have yet to hook up my 5 channel B&K AV5000 seriesII amp (125 watts conservatively) but I really don't want to use it (as it takes up a tremendous amount of space) unless I have to. When I had the Pioneer it had enough power but it was sloppy especially with the bass (MCACC does not control the lows very well). The Denon by itself seems weak but the balance and room correction done by Audyssey is spectacular.
Looking forward I am trying to determine if the Onkyo 929 will be the total answer or would it be advisable to step up to the 3010, or even perhaps move to a Marantz 7008 or Denon 4520ci. I would like to get away from having to rely on my B&K as it has been happy in the attic waiting for me to find the answer and put him on ebay.
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No doubt go for the Marantz as it will have the power your needing plus XT32 and you can ditch the B&K (or put it away for safe keeping...you never know). 

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Perhaps the Marantz would be a good choice, but isn't the Onkyo 3010 rated higher in wattage (I believe even the 929 is, not sure though)? Also now looking at the MSRP, looks like the Denon is perhaps a little overpriced.
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Manufactorers listed ratings aren't always accurate.
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Wouldn't the Marantz 7008 and the Denon X4000 offer about the same performance? Just asking smile.gif . I have a 7005 and always thought it was based off the much cheaper 3312. Wouldn't the 7008 be based off the X4000?

I see a 929, 3010 or 4520 in your future smile.gif . Which one is up to you.
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