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Looking a fairly cheap vhf-hi DIY antenna for indoors

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Here is a link to my tvfool channel list


I built one of those junky cardboard jobs that was actually picking up quite a bit, when the sun is down but that doesn't really help for the part of the day my wife wants to watch television.

It actually out performed the mohu leaf ultimate I am about to take back to wally world as it was lucky to get three channels other than the bible channels 17-1,2,3,4,5
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Since you're going to Walmart, look for the following in this order:

RCA ANT751R (not in all stores)
Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V (comes with 20" outdoor mount, purchase coax separately).

Ignore all the little flat and indoor antennas. You need something larger and you need to put it outside for best results..

Mount the antenna outside, up in the air so that it has the clearest possible view in its line of sight, due south.
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Only problem with an outdoor is I live in an apartment and they won't let us put them outside. Otherwise I would get up on the roof and use the existing mount they have up there
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Look for the following potential mounting locations:

Patio or balcony that offers the required view?
A window that offers a view in the required direction?

You are simply too far away for any indoor antenna to have a chance unless you can rig the deck by 1) using the right antenna and 2) being able to put the antenna where IT needs to be. The signals don't give a hoot about your restrictions or wishes; they will be where they will be and you have to find them with the correct tool.
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I do have a Window that faces the direction needed, it is where my little experiment aka the cardboard antenna is located, which during the night works fine but not during the day which I am assuming has something to do with the sun affecting the atmosphere to some extent and in turn the transmissions
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Have you looked at making a circular loop? 23 inch diameter is about right for VHF-hi. I had good success with quarter inch copper tubing, costs about $10 for a 10-ft roll. For extra gain you can tape it to a box and put on a reflector 13 inches behind the loop.
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