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Originally Posted by nobeam View Post

I have the OPPO BDP-103 and picked it p last week. i didn't know there was a Darbee.
should i go back and get it, ifs it worth it? I using a Sony w30 projector with a 135 inch screen.
There seem to be a higher percentage of front projector owners who enjoy Darbee than those with other smaller screens. If you bought from OPPO, you can exchange for thirty days for the cost of shipping. If you bought elsewhere then your options may be slightly better or slightly worse in terms of cost.
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Originally Posted by htwaits View Post

Contact the company that sold you the kit.

Originally Posted by RFK54 View Post

Here's a link of a company selling the mods for the 103D.


If your chip looks similar try downloading their pdf instruction manual.

Thank you guys!! It worked smile.gif))))
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Nice to hear, glad it worked for you!
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I am about to get a 103D. Why do you want it Region Free? Because some disc for certain regions won't play in the OPPO? I download many movies Torrents, etc, I never had any issues, but I always want to be up on all the tech stuff and I never heard of an OPPO until last week:eek:rolleyes.gif

Why do I want this and is it something that I am going to run into often?? having a disc that is from a different region? I ask because I don't think I ever ran into this issue before.

So, I never knew how much I needed one! Been using a PS3, but just ordered an Epson 6030 projector for my 10x6 screen. I also JUST got a 65" 3D Samsung 7050 from Costco above my fireplace and don't have a 3D player for it, don't have any 3D player because I just got my first 3D unit with the TV and 32 is the soon to be delivered Epson 6030:D:D

Is the Oppo better used on the Projector, or my TV?

I know 2 is better, but I just dropped a #$%^&* Load in the last month. In fact today, I spent more money ($6,800) in a single day on AV Gear. The only thing I spent that much money before on was a damn car! my motorcycle didn't even cost that mush:p

I got the Epson 6030, 2 Rythmik FV15-HP subs in Piano Black (B Stock) and upgraded my new unopened Denon AVR-X2000 (Bought 2 of them, 1 for living room and 1 for Media Room because of the addition of the TV and new Projector) to an AVR-X4000. I upgraded at the suggestion of Rythmik Tech Support, for the additional X32 Audigy and dual sub EQ ing.

Thanks guys!
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