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The Ghetto Garage Theater

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Until I can find the time and funds to build the theater I really want in my home, I decided it was time to have "something". I had some stuff on hand, enough to get the ball rolling. So, I put forth a little effort into tuning up my garage for movie watching and sports get togethers. It started out innocently enough. I wanted a nice looking garage, someplace free of dirt and grime. To be honest, I wanted a show garage. I always have, just like all guys. I already had a shop to do most of my dirty work in. My car get parked outside. Why not have some fun, right?

I present to you, the Ghetto Garage Theater.

The parts and pieces I have:

* Epson 705HD PJ
*Yamaha RX v-371 AVR
*Sony BDP S390
*Comcast HD cable
*Monoprice 8" Kevlar in wall LCR speaker
*Monoprice 8" Kevlar in celing surrounds
*BIC F-12 subwoofer
*135" SW painted screen

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Here is what I started with, a 24'x25' garage space with a bonus room above

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I needed to be able to access the bonus space above, so here is my version of a industrial steel "looking" staircase

First, cut a hole in the ceiling.

Next, build the stair stringers and steps.

Next, clad the stairs with some MDF trim, fake buck rivets and aluminum handrails.
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Next, I needed some storage and counter space. After all, this was still going to be somewhat of a garage. I found some really inexpensive kitchen take-outs on craigslist. they didn't quite fill the space I wanted, so I built a large cabinet to go into the corner. This will also act as my A/V "rack". I added a pretty good size counter too. Gotta have room for arts and crafts with the kids or an occasional home repair project. It also works great as an impromptu bar, it turns out ;-)

Peeled it all down, prepped and primed.

Painted everything with a couple coats of satin black. You can also see the start of my equipment area going together.
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I built doors for my newly constructed corner cabinet. Also came up with the stainless steel pulls for the cabinet doors and drawers.

Paint closeup.

Completed cabinets that look GREAT and didn't break the bank.

Needed a solution for countertops. While shopping for laminate, I realized my counters were so long, that it would require 2 sheets of laminate to cover them. I checked out the flooring isle, and decided I would try peel and stick plank flooring, at 47 bucks a box, just to try. It worked out pretty well and looks AWESOME.

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After spending about a week filling and blocking the wall perfectly flat and tru, it was time for a screen.

This looks about right, and you can see a glimpse of the painted staircase to the left. I used SW N9 screen paint, and at this point I couldn't be happier

I had my helper give me a hand painting the walls with a couple coats of "gargoyle gray". I left the ceiling flat white, as my screen and PJ hangs down a reasonable distance. I may paint the ceiling a few shades darker in the future to see if there is any noticeable improvement. However, the image quality is very good as far as I am concerned.

Trim went up next, along with the LCR in walls.
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Grills painted and vacuumed
More gargoyle gray on the walls behind the cabinets

Starting to look like something. I was given a stainless steel ice chest as a gift for our first UFC fight night. It brought the Ghetto Garage to a whole new level. 3 cases in there and room to spare, even has an attached bottle opener!....haha You can see in the pic, I had some left over flooring from the counters that I considered for baseboard. I later decided that it looked a little too cheesy.

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The furniture for the Ghetto Garage was some old stuff that we replaced inside the house, a single chair, ottoman and couch. A friend found a matching chair and ottoman at the second hand store, and the start of phase two of the Ghetto Garage was underway. We now needed a riser with a second row!


We decided it needed a little more rise, and the next project was under construction

Another trip for more building materials and peel and stick flooring, and things were taking shape

The riser

You can see the center table I also built between the front chairs. All the counters were covered in the same vinyl flooring, and I added some upholstery clavos to all of the edges to give it a little more detail
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I ran some electrical to the new riser, for lighting and an electrical outlet for cell phones, laptop, whatever. The baseboard under the screen was finished as well .

I couldn't find any cardboard movie characters I liked, so I had to make due with decorating....que the motorcycle...

Ambient light had to go, so I simply masked up with windows for now. I will figure it out better eventually. Also, added window trim and paint, and found a dirt cheap "blackout" blind. Its only paper and probably won't last long, but it works for the time being.

Sorry about the fuzzy pics, camera phone of course. The riser got its first coat of paint. I added a few under cabinet lights for functions like fights and games where a little ambient light is needed. I also added 25 watt bulbs to the garage door openers, Works perfexctly! The white freezer wasn't working, so a few coats of matt stainless were in order there as well.
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Almost forgot...here is a close-up of the poor mans equipment rack.
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I like it! How's it sound and look in person!?!
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Top notch work SHMO! That is very impressive!
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Oh and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see more picture of that buggy!
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Originally Posted by acex008 View Post

I like it! How's it sound and look in person!?!

the image quality is pretty good, at least I feel it looks pretty good.
Here is a camera phone pic, which means absolutely nothing...haha

The sound? well, it is a large garage with concrete floors and lots of hard surfaces. It is also pretty close to square. With that being said, it sounds fair. I am kinda stuck on how to do some acoustic treatments that would be garage friendly. I have some carpet that I am going to install from the riser to the screen. I will be interested to see if that marks any improvement in sound quality.
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Originally Posted by acex008 View Post

Oh and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see more picture of that buggy!

The buggy is a tube frame Baja that I built. There is a bunch of info and pictures on it here
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Roomate, with a nice find.....free carpet rem! The pictures don't do it justice, but the color works really well with the rest of the room...double score!

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Very nice work.
Why did you choose not to use the bonus room for your theater?
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The bonus room is still only rough framed. I want to do it right, in regards to sound proofing, wiring and acoustical treatment. It was just too much to take on at this point. I didn't want to be tempted to cut corners.
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In the meantime you have a heck of a nice theater / entertainment space!
Ghetto is not the first word that comes to my mind.
I'm sure if you move your theater upstairs it will be first rate.
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