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Every morning after the TV has been on for about 30 minutes, picture starts blinking, then snowy picture, more blinking and finally picture goes dark.  We did not have this problem with the old cable box.  If we do a hard boot the system works for several hours. We're now on the third new box. Called Comcast and was told they boosted our signal.  The last service technician told us the problem is not the box.  He said this is caused by a faulty wire we have fished behind bookcases and wall for a TV mounted over a fireplace.  He came to that conclusion by hooking up a small TV to the box.  Picture was perfect.  Later after he left I wondered if it would have had the same problem if he had left it hooked up longer.


We also have a Monster remote control.  Don't think problem is related, but who knows.


Any help for us?