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I am trying to figure out weather to use The TV's 2D to 3D conversion or the content's own 3D treatment. I have had mixed success cycling between the two? It seems like movie viewing was solid when simply allowing the PS3 to detect a 3d Disc, let the glasses sync to the TV, enabling 3D mode Automatically and picture was good. Not as deep as my old ST30 and especially not at gaming. I seemed to get better results on games, or at least more clarity and a sharper image when using the set's own 2D to 3D conversion. Or at least I could not distinguish a preference for either one at least.
Is there something I am missing or a different setting I should use? The glasses also came with mostly drained batteries that made the glasses act up and forced us to stay close to the TV. could reduced voltages or output diminish the intensity of the overall image via the filter?

Thanks for any help

Any opinions on the difference between this set and the 7100 would be cool to learn about as well. Other than Cosmetic tweeks, does it have a different screen/filter or software to process images. I know it adds additional scan rates for clear motion but I don't use it anyway. Surely has to be more going on to justify the cost difference and the picture scores it receives? How's it doing it with the same dual processor's as the 6400?