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I want to buy a Samsung F6300 TV, but I have recently moved abroad (New Zealand) so it's making my purchase more complicated than usual.  


(1) Will the tv run PAL as well as NTSC on different inputs?


(2) I know that the power outlets are a different voltage here (110-120US vs 220-240NZ) but I can overcome that with a transformer.  Will using a transformer to "step down" the voltage effect the picture quality?


(3) The model numbers are somewhat different if you buy here, "UA55F6300" vs "UN55F6300", I think that's just to denote the different power plug.  Are there any other differences in the "UA" vs the "UN" designation?  


(4) Most importantly this is the BIG question. I plan to use a VPN service to route my internet through to the states, Can anyone confirm if all the smart apps (Netflix, HBOGo, AmazonVOD, etc.) are there and fully functional with the "UA" version?  My fear is that some apps are purposely firmware locked in international television sets due to licensing restrictions from the US.


(5) For some of the models there is another variant at the end of the number, UA55F6300AMXRD for example.  What does the "AMXRD" mean and what are the differences between that an one without?  There seems to be a price difference but other than that I can't find any solid tech specs or stats to compare the models with.