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any software for calibration that runs on a tablet?

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I have an xrite i1 display colormeter that i use to calibrate my tv. I used to use my laptop and the old HCFR program. My laptop died and I'm in the market for a tablet and would like to try to find something that can run calman pro or chromapure. I'm guessing that my best bet would be a microsoft surface since it runs off windows 8.

Any suggestions?
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A windows based tablet is about the only choice. Bear in mind that there have to be physical wires plugged into it ... like your meter and this limits the portability of the tablet. Sure you can use extension cables for the meter.

I tried it for a short period with a core i5 powered tablet and found that the idea was interesting, but the application did not work out as planned. You stand up by mistake and pull the meter off the tv by mistake ... the tablet falls out of your hand at the same time because it is tethered ... and so forth ...

My core i5 fell about 4 inches on such an occasion and it broke ...

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I'm not trying to calibrate from another room or anything, basically my pc is too far away from my monitors to calibrate them so I just wanted to be able to take my tablet downstairs to do my projector and then take it into the living room to do the tv etc etc.

As long as it works, it looks like I'll be looking for an intel core, windows 8 OS, type tablet.

What program were you using? And was it easy to setup or did you encounter snags.

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I would go for a Ultrabook.
The win 8 tablets are a neat gadget but not really usable.
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The software user interface is not designed for fingers. Rather a mouse/cursor. So now you need a mouse to run this tablet too. There is no problem installing the software into the tablet given that it is just another computer. Nothing special about it. Best done with external keyboard. Of course you add that and you have a laptop ...

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Can you elaborate on why they aren't usable? Just wondering?

I'd either get the tablet or nothing. I just don't need a laptop for anything other than calibration since I have multiple desktop computers which are cheaper, upgradeable etc. I was just interested in getting a tablet to use for home automation project, internet/video/music that I can walk around the house with. I just figured if I can get it to run calibration software as well then it'd be a bonus. And if I can run my N64, nes and other emulators that would also be real nice.

Otherwise, I can muscle one of my computers around the house and get a USB extension cord for an afternoon to get things calibrated. But since I was in the market for a tablet I figured maybe I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone....1 pretty expensive stone....I'm looking at the surface pro 2 with the haswell series chips.
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Originally Posted by wyen78 View Post

I'm looking at the surface pro 2 with the haswell series chips.

Anything that runs windows (non-RT) will run any calibration software, including the surface pro line.

There is no software for windows RT, no software for Android, and no software for IOS.
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Michael gave the reasons a tablet isn't a very good candidate for calibrating already, he shouldn't have to do it again.

1) the software really needs a mouse to work, a finger just doesn't get it (I'm personally a mouse hater, track-ball all the way for me. Takes no space at all, can even be used on the arm of a theater chair)

2) to use a mouse, you have to have some kind of port on the tablet that's compatible with a mouse, usually that means a USB port or maybe Bluetooth if there are any Bluetooth mouse products that will pair with something other than a USB Bluetooth controller for the mouse which defeats the whole purpose because youd still need a USB port for the Bluetooth mouse controller).

3) The meter itself needs a port of some kind... usually USB also and there's no way around that. If the tablet has no ports, you can't connect your meter

4) You can get tangled up in wires and drop the meter or tablet or both so you probably want the tablet sitting on a table while you use a trackball (or much less convenient mouse) to control the software so if you want to type, then you need a remote keyboard on your lap that's compatible with the tablet.

And I'll add a 5th reason...screen size... my screen never seems to be as big as I'd like it to be for calibration purposes. Since tablets tend to have smaller screens than laptops, that just makes the problem worse.

If you can find a tablet with a large screen, has USB ports, has a stand to hold it on a table so it's out of the way and you have a keyboard you can use with it and a trackball or mouse... you could calibrate with a Windows tablet but no other kind since calibration software only exists for Windows at this time.
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Thanks Doug,

It's the way the internet works, my comment above was for the other poster who said it's a nice gadget but not usable (Michael posted while I was typing my response to av-freak). I'm not trolling or being argumentative, I just have not used this type of tablet and wanted to get the opinions of someone who seems to have used it and not liked it. It seems it should work fine as long as I get a win8 and have the required ports. I hope av freak can chime in and let me know what he didn't like about it so I can decide if I can live with the faults or not.

I understand full well what Michael is saying. And that hooking a bunch of stuff up to a tablet makes it more of a laptop....but with the tablet I can remove all the wires and go outside and use it as a tablet.
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Then get a transformer tablet/laptop then. smile.gif laptop when docked to the keyboard and tablet when you need it to be.

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