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I'm in the process of finishing my basement (see attached pic), and I was hoping I could get some feedback, especially relating to:

1) Types of panel/equipment I could use for making my setup as clean/neat as possible.

2) Recommendations for coax video distribution.

I’m finishing part of the basement, specifically the wall where my existing panel is located. Right now I have everything (router/patch panel, phone, cable, etc) crammed onto one board and it's a bit of a rat's nest. I'm planning to stud/drywall that section and I was thinking I’d divide everything into two or three separate panels (Leviton, OnQ, whatever) that I can bury in between the studs to be flush with the drywall. Ideally, I'd like this to be as 'clean' as possible without drawing too much attention to it. Also, if the panels are covered, I'm not sure what the requirements/recommendations are for ventilation, as these panels will house the cable modem, phone modem, router, etc.

Each room in the house has a home run with 2 Cat5e and 1 RG6 coax. Currently, I have (most of) the Cat5e cabling terminated for phone and network throughout the house. I have a couple of the coax runs hooked up to a splitter for a couple of TVs with digital receiver boxes. But I'm at a loss what I could do with the remaining coax cables. I guess I'd just like to know what the possibilities are here for video distribution.


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