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Help picking an antenna Mobile AL

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TV Fool results: http://imgur.com/a/5yhGm



I have  a directional external antenna, but it was a pretty cheap one.  Got it on special from some overseas website, no brand type thing.  All said, it has served me well.  It seems like it's broken or something, as it isn't picking up VHF anymore.  It fell off the roof a while back and I just put it up after I cut cable television again.  I'm looking to buy a new antenna.  Although on my TV Fool results WALA (fox) shows green, when I downloaded the GoogleEarth plugin they have it showed that station yellow for me.


I was just wondering whether I would be served better from a roof antenna or could I get by with a good attic one?  Do you get more protection from lightning when using an attic antenna?  If I were to get a high powered external one could I maybe get some of tose channels far west of me or far southeast or is that not very likely?  I don't mind spending a little money on a nice one (and I can mount it pretty high), I just don't want to bother if I won't get much advantage over a lower one.  Any suggestions on models that would suit my needs?


Thank you.

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Rooftop is almost always better. Attics are multipath nightmares and different construction materials can attenuate the signal. That's not to say it won't work. It can simply be a trial-and-error nightmare to find the sweet spot. Or you could get lucky and everything works. Rooftop alleviates those issues and, with the addition of a pre-amp and a rotor, may allow you to pull in signals you most certainly would not get with an attic mount. You'll need a UHF/VHF-Hi combo. Avoid the gimmicky antennas and stick with old school.
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CM 3020 - Heck no
CM4228 - okay but overkill
RCA751 - good fit

Also suggested: Antennacraft HBU-22, Winegard 7694, Antennas Direct C2V, ChannelMaster CM2016
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I was told that one like the CM4228 will work bi-directionally to some extent and since my stations are essentially 180 degrees apart i may be able to kill all the birds with one stone (with the channels on the back end maybe not being quite as strong).  Is this bogus info or is there something to this?

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Sorry if this is a pointless reply.  I may have clicked on the wrong reply button when I posted the above comment.  I was specifically trying to reply to your post, but i think I did a general thread reply.

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