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Enough Power for this size room?

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I think I posted this in the wrong sub forum originally.


Project: Mounting TV and installing 5.1 system in "new to me" house. The room is 11.5 x 22 ft.

The following have been proposed by an installer for my project. Bear in mind that I will be using a Denon AVR-1910 as the source. And he will be mounting, running wires and cables and installing a Furman power conditioner/ protector and a Tripp Lite surge protector.

http://www.pinnaclespeakers.com/S-FIT_SOUNDBAR.html $399

http://www.pinnaclespeakers.com/subcompact8.html $349

http://www.definitivetech.com/products/promonitor-800 $250 pair

For this price range what are your thoughts?

Will this give enough oomph? How will it handle playing music? Honorably?

What is the use for Cat6 wire?

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Is there any possibility of putting the TV on a different wall?

I suspect that reflections off that jutting wall combined with the absorption provided by the opening to the dining room are likely to make the sound somewhat strange. What is the room like toward the right of the fireplace? I suspect its shape is quite different in that direction, which is likely to make the soundfield seem rather lopsided.

So far as the speakers themselves are concerned, 3-4" woofers are going to going to require a high cross-over frequency, probably 150 Hz or even higher. In other words, frequencies below 150Hz will have to be handled by the subwoofer. With frequencies that high, most people can easily tell what direction the sound is coming from, so some will seem to be coming from wherever you put the subwoofer and not from the direction of the TV. Putting the sub in front of the fireplace is likely to be a point of contention for those who want to enjoy watching a fire.

I don't see any mention of stands. Where and/or how were you planning to mount the DefTech surround speakers?

To be honest, I suspect that speaker system might be OK for listening to background music, but not so good if you expect to do any serious listening for an extended period of time.

Edited to add:
Cat-6 wire is primarily for networking. You'll need it to connect the receiver and TV to the outside world, both for firmware updates and for listening and watching streamed entertainment services. Too often WiFi connections are just too intermittent, causing audio and video dropouts. Another use for Cat-6 is for HDMI if you get special adapters. It's often used when an HDMI signal has to be sent more than 50 feet or so, e.g. between rooms.
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The room is a rectangle with windows and another entry exactly opposite the fireplace.

Can certainly try to conceptualize another placement for the TV.

I was under the impression that the def. techs. Would be mounted on rear wall, but not sure.

Beefy speakers lead to better audio quality. Surprise. No, in all truthfulness I'm glad to be asking questions before plunging into an installation.

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what is off to the right? End wall? Is there more space on the wall behind the fireplace?
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On the end wall of the room 16 inches adjacent to the fireplace is a window. The previous owners of the house had the TV kitty-cornered in that corner where the window is. He also had a Bose 5.1 system with stands that looked a little disheveled in terms of speaker placement.

The opposite end wall is free besides having an open doorway which is on the opposite corner to the fireplace.
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