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Sanus VLF210 onto brick (confused and wondering if I have bought a dud)

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Hi all,

First post! A few months ago I began renovating my lounge and had all the cables and Ethernet placed into the walls etc. I was confident that I wanted a 46" Samsung mounted on the wall so bought a Sanus VLF210 based on the reviews and that it would fit the tele I wanted to buy. Buying the mount upfront
enabled me to locate the sockets so that they worked with the bracket.

Anyway renovation is now complete and I need to mount the frame. Trouble is that the instructions say the VLF210 is suitable for wooden stud and concrete or concrete brick - not the house brick my wall is made of.

I thought this was odd so called Sanus support, they said that it would be fine and that they only say concrete brick because in the US they have other types of brick (he said for example they have cardboard bricks?). I'm not convinced by this and the guy wasn't very convincing. I found other Sanus brackets that have brick on the list as well as concrete brick.

Since I haven't don't this before - and don't want to screw it up - anyone know if I'll be ok?

Logically in my head a brick wall is stronger than a stud wall but I am more likely to hit the mortar than in a concrete brick one and I'm not certain that the (internal) brick wall is the 8" depth required for concrete bricks.

Have I got a turkey?
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I'm a little confused as to what exactly your walls are comprised of. If your wires are installed in the wall how was that done if it's brick? As for a brick wall being stronger than a stud wall, well yes but for hanging a TV mount I'd rather have a stud wall. When mounting on brick the mortar joints are where you want the anchors not the brick. You need to use lead anchors with lag bolts and you'll need a hammer drill with a concrete bit. If they are cinder block walls they are mostly hollow and you would use toggle bolts in the hollow sections. Being a 46" I assume LCD that's not a lot of weight.

You may want to consider hiring someone to hang it properly.
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Thanks for replying. It's a brick internal wall, the property is Victorian so the added complication is that there is a 1 inch layer of the original horse hair plaster on top - which can't bear any weight.

When we had the room rewired we channeled out the horse hair plaster and laid the wires in there with some channelling of the brick where required to accommodate the connectors (which connected to recessed AV wall plates).

As an update I bought some rawlbolts M10 as these had enough effective embedment to get past the plaster - but the bolt won't go through the plate. I went and bought the M8 version but I don't think they are suitable as there would only be 20mm embedment.

I am looking at the rigifix as these seem to be designed to fix to brick when there is dot and dab (which is similar to me having horse hair plaster).

Any thoughts, I am a competent diyer (bit OCD), not sure if I have a really left of field installation problem or just can't find what I need.
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Rawlbolts are a good idea, but in case you're wondering, becareful if you're using the self tapping masonry bolts on brick.  Concrete is totally ok, but the shatter tendency of brick is an odd one that I'm never clear on.  I believe that concrete is actually less hard (and less brittle) than brick.  Compared to brick, it actually has a sort of "give" to it, which is valuable for structural issues (load).


As far as the rawlbolts go: I would be hesitant only in that if you over tighten them, and if they're not sheathed in something pliable like lead, plastic, or rubber, that they'll crack the brick in a way that you'll discover too late.

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