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Advice on new bookshelfs for the bedroom

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Hello all-
I am planning to purchase a set of bookshelf speakers for my bedroom and was looking for some advice. I am a neophyte to the audio world, but have done some research. My research led me to small companies with not many reviews and large companies such as Polk with lots of reviews. Currently, I dont't have access to go and listen at audio stores so this is why I want to narrow down my choices.

Major factors for the purchase:
-Speakers will be powered off of my current receiver (pioneer VSX-523-K)
-My budget is under $500 for the pair, but I can stretch some either way if needed
-I listen to a wide variety of music, but the most listened to are electronic (EDM) and jazz (yes it is an interesting combo but I love 'em both)

Side note... speakers with the luscious cherry finishes are an added plus

Hope I'm not mooching too much and thanks in advance,
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Hi Mikeman, and welcome to AVSForum

No bookshelf speaker is going to accurately reproduce the bass that is found in EDM music. You'll need a subwoofer to handle those low frequencies. Period. Even large and expensive floorstanding speakers will struggle with those low notes, and IF they can come close, they will do so at the expense of the rest of the frequencies you're asking them to reproduce.

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Hi Mikeman,

I agree with wlhungdude (lol?), you'll need a sub for EDM.

Charlie loves his Ascend Acoustics speakers and he listens to a bit of EDM/Jazz if memory serves (I'll let him speak for himself) but I do have some recommendations for you.

In my bedroom, I have Cambridge Audio S30's, in the living room I have Monitor Audio - RX-1's, and in the listening room I have Paradigm Studio V.3's.

All in all the best speakers are probably Paradigm, but I would take the usefulness and beauty of the RX-1's a hundred times before I bought Paradigm's again. I'd really recommend RX-1 speakers, they've got great bass but are incredibly accurate for Jazz. My favorite speakers in the $500 range (used).
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Thanks for the replies! A sub is definitely something i will be looking into in the near future for sure, but I wanted to see responses on bookshelfs. Currently, I have 3 subs that caught my eye in terms of performance and price point from the reviews I read. They are the BIC Acoustech PL-200, BIC F-12, and the Paradigm PDR 80. I believe a 10 inch would be plenty for a bedroom correct? I have seen each the Paradigm, and Monitor audio for bookshelf speakers and both have very high reviews. I definitely see no wrong in buying either of those! Again, thanks for the helpful info!
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Since I've shared my best bookshelf advice, I would recommend the SVS SB1000 or PB1000. It is a very great sub, if you can stomach $500 for the sub you could go less expensive on the speakers (Cambridge Audio S30). I did that in my bedroom for a while, it is the perfect combination.
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It is best to listen to them yourself to decide which you prefer. Speakers are subjective, and what one person (or 10 or 100) likes may not sound good to you. Buy the right tool once. Changing / upgrading is far more expensive (and more time / frustration) than the added cost of buying what YOU like in the first place.

have you seen the "I'll demo my speakers.... " thread ? It's in the stickies at the top of this page, and there are people from all corners who have most graciously offered to demo what they have to other AVS members, Decent hi-fi shops are a dying breed, and none of them carry offerings from Internet Direct (only) manufacturers. IMO it is a great resource, and woefully under-utilized.

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You could take a look at the Wharfedale 10.2s or Focal Chorus 706Vs. The EMP E5Bi in red burl would be a good choice but I do not believe they are back in stock until the 15th. As others have mentioned, a sub is necessary, and if you don't want to spend $500 on the PB-1000 (an excellent sub), the NXG NS-BAS-500 is a great choice at $270. Jim Wilson did a review and found it to be a surpisingly musical sub. It would be ideal for a bedroom size space.
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One last question... Would my receiver be able to handle say the monitor audio rx 1 bookshelf's and the SVS pb-1000 without any additional amplifiers?
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I couldn't imagine your receiver struggling with RX-1's they're perfect and easy to drive.

The PB-1000 will amplify itself so it only needs to receive the incoming information, not amplify.

I have a feeling you'll be incredibly impressed with this setup!
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I realized that the subwoofer has its' own amplifier right after I posted a reply (don't know why for some reason I thought the receiver would be powering it). Thanks for the confirmation anyway!
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One more opinion (confirmation) ...

For bedroom use the S30's would be very good (what I have in my bedroom now). But the RX-1's would be great wink.gif

FWIW, I've always thought the RX-1's were a sweet spot in the Monitor Audio line up, esp. if you can find a pair used!
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I also use S30's in my bedroom and the RX-1's are rears in the living room. I think the S30's are incredible for what they are but if I could afford both options, I think I'd pick up the RX-1's. I'm really happy that I have both though. S30's with a sub are almost magical.
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