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Need help BADLY

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Not sure this is the right forum but I hope you can help. Dish Network canceled my mother's local CBS channel (channel 13). Is there a way that I can keep the satellite setup exactly like it is and use a converter box or rabbit ears just for Channel 13 while still using just the Dish Network remote, and not having to change the input? My mother is in the very very early stages of dementia, so the least things change in her life the better. I hope you guys can understand my situation. Thanks
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To use another antenna, you would need to change the input to the TV. If you leave it on the Dish Network input, the TV will only show the signal going to that input.
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Yeah I figured that. She is at the point now that she can't learn\remember new things so I HATE when I have to change anything. Thanks for your help.
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Does the dish network box have an input for OTA antenna?
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PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD. I am giving up. Thanks anyway everyone!
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