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Deciding on AV equipment location need help

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I'm in the beginning phases of a "HT/media room" build. I guess it's somewhere between dedicated theater and media room. The room is in my basement wich I am trying to finish the entire basement at once. I'm trying to finalize some things that need to be decided on before I can get drywall up. The room will have a projector and at least 120 inch screen on the wall. Now I'm not quite sure what to do whit the av stuff. I don't think I need a full fledged rack system as I don't think I'll have more then a cable box, av receiver, mini media pc and maybe eventually a game system like PS or xbox. Not to mention I'm trying to keep costs down where I can. So I took a few photos to get some oppinions from the experts!

This is a small wall to the side of the screen. It backups up to my utility room. I needed to have storage in their and the only place for the shelving was on that wall. But I could build in a small shelving unit into it but I would be taking some storage space in doing so.

Now I do have a small closet in the back corner that I needed to put in due to a sump pump. I could either just put shelving in that and simply keep my things in their. Or from the outer side I could build a small shelving unit into it.

The other thing I was thinking was to just keep it simple. I will have some room to the right of the screen so I could either built my own corner tower type unit or even just a straight tower type shelving unit or even purchase one for that matter that would just simply sit in the room off to the side. I'm leaning toward that option seeing it would be the simplest option. I really want to get this build going!

ONe other thing I wanted to get some opinion on was on my back wall. I was thinking of doing a very shallow soffit for some 4 inch can's for some back effect lighting. Here is a shot of the upper half of the wall where the outlet for the projector is. My thought was to do a small soffit. Then the projector could hang from the celing next to it while the projector itself sits just underneath it if you see what I mean.

It was either do that or put a couple sconces on the back wall for effect type lighting. I'm not sure what would look better?

Thanks in advance! I do plan to get a build thread going some time soon. I just havn't been doing a ton of work lately. Once I get going again I'll start one up! biggrin.gif
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Normally, for a dedicate space, I'd recommend the equipment be out of the room, or at least out of sight. But that requires mare careful consideration for ventilation and control. I would say if that was your priority, go for the sump closet.

If the space isn't a confined dedicated theater, then I'd still like to put it out of sight, but maybe just at a convenient spot behind the seating somewhere - so that it's nearby and handy, plus close to the projector.

I know it's been a couple days since you posted - did you decide already?
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And I hope your design for that sump closet allows for access to the sump pump!
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Hi guys.

Yes there will be a door on the closet to access the pump. still need to frame the door out, that's on my wrap up listl smile.gif I am really leaning toward just simply running my lines to the front of the room (screen wall) and just getting a pre made unit to hold my devices off to the side near the corner of the room. I'm not sure I want to deal with ventilation issues and IR relays. Really I could just put my stuff in the utility room which backs up to the media room as that is where my network and TV runs all go along with my bar receiver. But then I'm having to deal with the IR booster thing. I do have a lot of options and I need to decide and go with one here by the end of the year and I need to get all my lines in the wall! I plan to be done with the electric and moving on to insulation and drywall by the 1st. I keep going back and forth on this though!

Also what do you recommend to use for a type of conduit to use for my HDMI cable and speaker wire and cat6 runs? I was looking at a flex tubing but it has an accordion style to it and it's not smooth. Not sure if that would make it tough to pull lines through or not. Looked into pvc pipe but the right angles prove to be problematic as well.
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That conduit is tough to use. Better to run your wires outside conduit and leave the conduit empty (or with pull cord) for future use. If you can fit PVC conduit with sweeping bends, all the better.
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If I used it and left a pull string in for a future pull I think I'd be ok. I'll test it out at least. I like this approach because I can just bend it with gradual bends. Then if I ever do need to pull a new line with the pull string I can make sure I attach a new pulls string along with the new cable. right?
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That's the way to use it if you need to, but it's still easier if there are no cables in there already. Be sure to test with HDMI, as that's probably the largest you'll ever use.
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Thanks. Also I think ive decided to build in a shelf on the other side of my storage. I have a 32 inch gap between my second and top shelf. That will be enough to put in a small build in shelving unit I think. Ill be loosing a little outof my storage but I dont think it will to much and I think the look of it will be worth it.
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