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Question about Pro101-FD

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Hello all,

I have a Pioneer PRO101FD I am considering selling. It has 9,135 hours on it, and still runs perfectly fine. Wife is wanting to take advantage of apps like netflix, hulu, etc on a tv interface, so now that Panny seems to be getting awfully close to Kuro, I am thinking about upgrading (downgrading?). Anyway, I guess my question is this: Could you guys help me set a fair price for selling a set like this? It has been wall mounted since it was brand new, so it is in flawless shape physically, and it works perfectly functionally. Thank you to everyone in advance for your help!
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I'd say a grand is the best you can likely expect.
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For apps like netflix, hulu, etc I'd buy Roku 3 ($100) or WD TV Live ($100) or WD TV Play ($60)
Unless you want a larger screen just keep the Pioneer.
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