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HDMI problems with projector

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My projector was working well with connecting through HDMI cable with my computer but not my xbox, so I got a new, higher quality HDMI cable. Now the projector wont connect with either my computer or xbox with either of the cables... VGA and video are still good, however...

Any ideas of what could be wrong?

Both HDMI cables work.

EDIT: now hdmi works with laptop, still no luck with xbox

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Are you power cycling kit when changing cables/connectivity?

What lengths are the HDMI cables and what gauge of cable?

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Yup, I power both off and on when switching out the cables. 

The new HDMI is a 10ft 28 gauge, the older one is 15ft and I'm not sure on the gauge

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Are you connecting directly from the Projector to the laptop / game system, or are you going through something else? The distance isn't very long, so I would expect most cables to work just fine. Instead, I might recommend that you switch the input you are going into on the projector to see if that resolves any issues.
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I connect them directly. The Xbox connects HDMI to the tv, but not the computer. I've changed the input on the projector manually but it doesn't detect the xbox. The xbox connects through RCA to the projector fine, but the quality is not as good as it would be with the HDMI. 

It is pretty frustrating. 

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What make/model of projector is it? Did you check to see if the projector has updated firmware at all? I've heard of such things being the case.

While a long run HDMI cable is prone to potential issues, a direct one to one connection usually indicates a problem that is with the components, not the cable. If you've used the same cable with the TV and it doesn't work only with the projector, then the error tends to lean towards the projector.

I will say: I had a Denon 3313CI which did not work with HDMI at all when I got it. I did a firmware update on it, and nothing else, and then the video passed through the Denon perfectly. So, firmware updates can (sometimes) resolve these types of issues.

You can always try a heavier gauge HDMI cable from Monoprice or get a Redmere cable to see if that corrects the issue, but it doesn't seem like anything more than a projector issue. Unfortunately, this could be a problem with the HDMI board, or even the resolution or something else.

I would recommend you drop the resolution to 1080i or 720p signal instead of 1080p as that may (!!!) correct for the issues you have been experiencing.
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Have you forced a power cycle on the Xbox with it connected to the Projector - if your TV supports say 1080p whilst the Projector only supports 1080i/720p the Xbox may now be Outputting a signal that is not compatible with the Projector.

You can force the Xbox to go reset to its default settings and hopefully will regain an image and can then adjust to best suit the Projector - http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/settings-and-initial-setup/image-on-your-tv-is-unclear

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